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Ghost Story

For four aging men in the terror-stricken town of Milburn, New York, an act inadvertently carried out in their youth has come back to haunt them. Now they are about to learn what happens to those who believe they can bury the past - and get away with murder.

Year: 1979     Genre: GhostsHorror

The Talisman

The iconic, “extraordinary” (The Washington Post) collaboration between bestselling authors Stephen King and Peter Straub—an epic thriller about a young boy’s quest to save his mother’s life.

Year: 1984     Genre: Fantasy


"KOKO......" Only four men knew what it meant. Vietnam vets. One was a doctor. One was a lawyer. One was a working stiff. One was a writer. All were as different as men could be----yet all were bound eternally together by a single shattering secret.

Year: 1988     Genre: Serial Killer

Lost Boy Lost Girl

A woman commits suicide for no apparent reason. A week later, her son fifteen-year-old Mark Underhill vanishes. His uncle, novelist Timothy Underhill, searches his hometown of Millhaven for clues that might help unravel this horrible dual mystery

Year: 2003     Genre: Haunted HouseHorrorSerial Killer

A Dark Matter

On a Midwestern campus in the 1960s, a charismatic guru and his young acolytes perform a secret ritual in a local meadow. What happens is a mystery--all that remains is a gruesomely dismembered body and the shattered souls of all who were present. Forty years later, one man seeks to learn about that horrifying night...

Year: 2010     Genre: Suspense

Mar 02, 1943 --
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1979Ghost StoryGhosts, Horror
1983Floating DragonHorror
1984The Talisman
by Stephen King and Peter Straub
1988KOKOSerial Killer, Blue Rose Triology
1993The ThroatHorror, Blue Rose Triology
1999MysteryHorror, Blue Rose Triology
2001Black House
by Stephen King and Peter Straub
Fantasy, Horror
2003Lost Boy Lost GirlHaunted House, Horror, Serial Killer
2010A Dark MatterSuspense




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