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Astounding Stories of Super-Science, Vol. 1, No. 1

It is a magazine whose stories will anticipate the super-scientific achievements of To-morrow-whose stories will not only be strictly accurate in their science but will be vividly, dramatically and thrillingly told.

Year: 1930     Genre: Pulp Fiction

The Best of Amazing Stories: The 1926 Anthology

A unique collection of classic science fiction tales selected from the first year of the very first science fiction magazine. 1926 was a very good year, at least for speculative fiction, as this anthology proves.

Year: 1926     Genre: Pulp Fiction

The Best of Weird Tales 1923

Collected here are 13 of the best short stories published in Weird Tales' first year of publication, 1923 -- classics by many who would later play an integral part in the Unique Magazine, such as H.P. Lovecraft, Frank Owen, and Farnsworth Wright.

Year: 1923     Genre: Pulp Fiction

The Thrill Book: Sept. 1, 1919

"The Thrill Book" is a legendary magazine, one of the holy grails of pulp collecting. Original copies sell for thousands of dollars -- if you can find them. Running for sixteen issues in 1919, it was a magazine of "strange, bizzare, occult, mysterious tales," but not quite a fantastic-fiction magazine, mixing various types of adventure stories with often outstanding fantasy, horror, and science fiction by Murray Leinster, Seabury Quinn, Francis Stevens, Perley Moore Sheehan, Tod Robbins, Edward Lucas White,

Genre: Pulp Fiction


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The Thrill Book: Sept. 1, 1919Pulp Fiction
1923The Best of Weird Tales 1923Pulp Fiction
1926The Best of Amazing Stories: The 1926 AnthologyPulp Fiction
1930Astounding Stories of Super-Science, Vol. 1, No. 1Pulp Fiction




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