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Robert B. Parker was the author of seventy books, including the legendary Spenser detective series, the novels featuring Police Chief Jesse Stone, and the acclaimed Virgil Cole–Everett Hitch westerns, as well as the Sunny Randall novels.

Winner of the Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Award and long considered the undisputed dean of American crime fiction, he died in January 2010.

Featured Titles:

The Godwulf Manuscript

Spenser earned his degree in the school of hard knocks, so he is ready when a Boston university hires him to recover a rare, stolen manuscript. He is hardly surpised that his only clue is a radical student with four bullets in his chest.

Year: 1973     Genre: Murder Mystery

God Save the Child

Appie Knoll is the kind of suburb where kids grow up right. But something is wrong. Fourteen-year-old Kevin Bartlett disappears. Everyone thinks he's run away -- until the comic strip ransom note arrives.

Year: 1974     Genre: Kidnapping

Mortal Stakes

Everybody loves a winner, and the Rabbs are major league. Marty is the Red Sox star pitcher, Linda the loving wife. She loves everyone except the blackmailer out to wreck her life.

Year: 1975     Genre: BaseballExtortion

Promised Land

Spenser is good at finding things. But this time he has a client out on Cape Cod who is in over his head. Harvey Shepard has lost his pretty wife -- and a very pretty quarter million bucks in real estate.

Year: 1976     Genre: Missing PersonOrganized Crime

The Judas Goat

Spenser has gone to London--and not to see the Queen. He's gone to track down a bunch of bombers who've blown away his client's wife and kids. His job is to catch them. Or kill them. His client isn't choosy.

Year: 1978     Genre: Thriller

Night Passage

After a busted marriage kicks his drinking problem into overdrive and the LAPD unceremoniously dumps him, thirty-five-year-old Jesse Stone's future looks bleak. So he's shocked when a small Massachusetts town called Paradise recruits him as police chief. He can't help wondering if this job is a genuine chance to start over, the kind of offer he can't refuse.

Year: 1997     Genre: Police Procedural



Want ItGot ItRead ItYearTitle

1973The Godwulf ManuscriptMurder Mystery, Spenser
1974God Save the ChildKidnapping, Spenser, Boston
1975Mortal StakesExtortion, Baseball, Spenser, Boston
1976Promised LandMissing Person, Organized Crime, Spenser
1978The Judas GoatThriller, Spenser
1979WildernessNoir Fiction
1980Early AutumnKidnapping, Spenser
1980Looking for Rachel WallaceKidnapping, Private Eye, Spenser
1981A Savage PlacePrivate Eye, Spenser
1982CeremonyPrivate Eye, Spenser
1983Love and GloryLiterature
1983The Widening GyreExtortion, Spenser
1985A Catskill EaglePrivate Eye, Spenser
1986Taming a Sea-HorseMissing Person, Private Eye, Spenser
1987Pale Kings and PrincesPrivate Eye, Spenser
1988Crimson JoyPrivate Eye, Serial Killer, Spenser, Boston
1989PlaymatesBasketball, Spenser, Boston
1989Poodle Springs
by Raymond Chandler and Robert B. Parker
Hardboiled Detective, Philip Marlowe
1990StardustPrivate Eye, Spenser
1992Double DeucePrivate Eye, Spenser
1993Paper DollPrivate Eye, Spenser
1994All Our YesterdaysFamily Saga, Boston
1994Spenser's BostonSpenser, Boston
1994Walking ShadowPrivate Eye, Spenser
1995Thin AirMissing Person, Private Eye, Spenser
1996ChancePrivate Eye, Spenser, Las Vegas
1997Night PassagePolice Procedural, Jesse Stone
1997Small VicesPrivate Eye, Spenser
1998Sudden MischiefPrivate Eye, Spenser
1998Trouble in ParadisePolice Procedural, Jesse Stone
1999Family HonorMissing Person, Private Eye, Sunny Randall
1999Hush MoneyPrivate Eye, Spenser
2000Hugger MuggerPrivate Eye, Spenser, Georgia
2000Perish TwicePrivate Eye, Sunny Randall
2001Death in Paradise Police Procedural, Jesse Stone
2001Gunman's RhapsodyWesterns
2001PotshotPrivate Eye, Spenser, Arizona
2002Shrink RapPrivate Eye, Authors, Sunny Randall
2002Widow's WalkPrivate Eye, Spenser
2003Back StoryCold Case, Private Eye, Jesse Stone, Spenser
2003Stone ColdPolice Procedural, Jesse Stone
2004Bad BusinessPrivate Eye, Spenser
2004Double Play: A ThrillerCrime Fiction, Baseball
2004Melancholy BabyPrivate Eye, Sunny Randall
2005AppaloosaWesterns, Cole & Hitch
2005Cold ServicePrivate Eye, Vengeance, Spenser
2005School DaysPrivate Eye, Spenser
2006Blue ScreenPrivate Eye, Jesse Stone, Sunny Randall
2006Hundred-Dollar BabyExtortion, Private Eye, Spenser
2006Sea ChangePolice Procedural, Jesse Stone
2007High ProfilePolice Procedural, Jesse Stone, Sunny Randall
2007Now and ThenPrivate Eye, Spenser
2007Spare ChangeCold Case, Private Eye, Serial Killer, Sunny Randall
2008ResolutionWesterns, Cole & Hitch
2008Rough WeatherFamily Secrets, Kidnapping, Private Eye, Spenser
2008Stranger in ParadisePolice Procedural, Assassins, Jesse Stone
2008The Boxer and the SpyMurder Mystery, Young Adult
2009BrimstoneWesterns, Cole & Hitch
2009Chasing the BearOrigin Story, Spenser
2009Night and DayPolice Procedural, Jesse Stone, Sunny Randall
2009The ProfessionalExtortion, Private Eye, Spenser
2010Blue Eyed DevilWesterns, Cole & Hitch
2010Painted Ladies
2010Split ImagePrivate Eye, Jesse Stone, Sunny Randall
2011SixkillPrivate Eye, Spenser
2012In Pursuit of Spenser
Mystery Writers on Robert B. Parker and the Creation of an American Hero
by Otto Penzler
Biography, on Writing, Spenser, Non-Fiction




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