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During the 1970s, Robert Ludlum was a best selling author creating action thrillers that often featured conspiracy at the highest levels of government and authority. Covering first the aftermath of World War 2 and the Nazi's, his topics then moved into the Cold War and relevant topics of the 1960s and 1970s.

His breakout novel The Bourne Identity in 1980, lifted his career to international best seller status. The story about a man who wakes up on death's door with gunshot wounds and amnesia must discover who he really is. As distressing facts about his violent and evil identity become known, its his inner voice and the voice of the beautiful girl at his side that say, this can't be right. You're not evil. Ludlum's Bourne Identity was packed with action, featuring a real-life villain in Carlos the Jackal, and launched a new action hero series with 15 books and counting.

The 1980s and 1990s, Mr. Ludlum continued stand alone novels, but began first with sequels to earlier titles, then to devote his writing to the Action Series. First, the Jason Bourne series, then the Paul Janson series, and then Covert-One.

With the passing of Mr. Ludlum in 2001, his characters live on in the Robert Ludlum's.... authorized branded series writen by authors including Eric Van Lustbader, Brian Freemen, Joshua Hood and others.

The high quality storytelling and interesting plots and concepts make the stories from the 1970s very enjoyable and in some aspects just as timely in today's world. His Jason Bourne character and The Bourne Identity rival some of the best action storytelling and remains a MUST read.

Featured Titles:

The Bourne Identity

His memory is a blank. His bullet-ridden body was fished from the Mediterranean Sea. His face has been altered by plastic surgery. A frame of microfilm has been surgically implanted in his hip. Even his name is a mystery. Marked for death, he is racing for survival through a bizarre world of murderous conspirators--led by Carlos, the world's most dangerous assassin. Who is Jason Bourne? The answer may kill him.

Year: 1980     Genre: Assassins

The Bourne Supremacy

Reenter the shadowy world of Jason Bourne, an expert assassin still plagued by the splintered nightmares of his former life. This time the stakes are higher than ever. For someone else has taken on the Bourne identity--a ruthless killer who must be stopped or the world will pay a devastating price.

Year: 1986     Genre: AssassinsEspionage

The Bourne Ultimatum

At a small-town carnival, two men, each mysteriously summoned by telegram, witness a bizarre killing. The telegrams are signed "Jason Bourne." Only they know Bourne's true identity and understand that the telegrams are really a message from Bourne's mortal enemy, Carlos, known also as the Jackal, the world's deadliest and most elusive terrorist.

Year: 1990     Genre: AssassinsEspionage



Want ItGot ItRead ItYearTitle

1971The Scarlatti InheritanceWWII: Europe
1972The Osterman WeekendAction
1973The Matlock PaperAction, Conspiracy
1973TrevayneAction, Conspiracy
1974The Cry of the HalidonAction
1974The Rhinemann ExchangeWWII: Espionage
1975The Road to GandolfoComic Thriller
1976The Gemini ContendersEspionage
1977The Chancellor ManuscriptAction, Conspiracy
1978The Holcroft CovenantConspiracy
1979The Matarese CircleThriller
1980The Bourne IdentityAssassins, Jason Bourne
1982The Parsifal MosaicAction, Espionage
1984The Aquitaine ProgressionAction, Conspiracy
1986The Bourne SupremacyAssassins, Espionage, Jason Bourne
1988The Icarus AgendaAction, Terrorist
1990The Bourne UltimatumAssassins, Espionage, Jason Bourne
1992The Road to OmahaComic Thriller
1993The Scorpio IllusionTerrorist
1995The Apocalypse WatchAction, Missing Person
1997The Matarese CountdownEspionage
2000The Hades Factor
by Robert Ludlum and Gayle Lynds
Action, Terrorist, Covert-One
2000The Prometheus DeceptionEspionage
2001Robert Ludlum's The Cassandra Compact
by Robert Ludlum and Philip Shelby
Espionage, Terrorist, Covert-One
2002Robert Ludlum's the Paris Option
by Robert Ludlum and Gayle Lynds
Espionage, Terrorist, Covert-One
2002The Janson DirectiveKidnapping, Espionage, Paul Janson
2003The Tristan BetrayalEspionage, WWII: Europe
2004Robert Ludlum's The Lazarus Vendetta
by Robert Ludlum and Patrick Larkin
Nanotechnology, Terrorist, Covert-One




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