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100 Wild Little Weird Tales

Weird Tales, the acknowledged leader of pulp magazine fantasy from 1923 to 1954, provided many of the genre's wildest and wooliest stories. Here are 100 of the magazine's greatest, written by the best and brightest writers of the macabre tales of horror. Every story is guaranteed to bewilder, disturb, and excite.

Year: 1994     Genre: Horror

A Calculated Logic

The Very Rational Return of A Logical Magician. If monsters evolve, so must the method of combatting them... In our contemporary world, old techniques no longer work against the forces of darkness. Changing times require changing solutions...

Year: 1996     Genre:

Far Below and Other Horrors from the Pulps

Editor Robert Weinberg has assembled a stellar collection of rare horror stories from the weird fiction pulps, including contributions from Robert Barbour Johnson, Julius Long, G.G. Pendarves, Mary Elizabeth Counselman, Mearle Prout, Mindret Lord, Robert E. Howard, Earl Pierte, Jr., Seabury Quinn, J. Wesley Rosenquest, and Robert Nelson.

Year: 1974     Genre: Pulp Fiction

The Armageddon Box

Haunted by a history of murder and devastation, the jewel-encrusted case had lain hidden for centuries. But rumors of the powers that lay within it drove men mad with their desire to have it. For legend said that whosoever possessed the box would become the master of all men. When the casket was stolen from its hiding place, a chain of horrifying event and gruesome deaths was set in motion, and the only way it could end was with the destruction of the box -- or of all mankind.

Year: 1991     Genre: Horror

The Black Lodge

In an old Chicago railroad house, a crack dealer is robbing his customer--a huge, shrouded figure with a thousand in cold cash and a featureless face. The pusher empties his .44 into the man, who is slammed against a wall by the bullets' force. But he rises unharmed--and slowly approaches his attacker with a meat cleaver. "My turn," he utters calmly. He's the dark man, a force of evil...

Year: 1991     Genre: Horror

The Dead Man's Kiss

From the still halls of a Chicago museum they've stolen a priceless ancient relic--and from its blackened crevices they've liberated a human spirit. His name is Jambres--priest of the once-mighty empire of Egypt--and for more than three long millenia he's waited to walk again on earth.

His quest: to reunite the halves of his soul, sundered for a long-ago crime he didn't commit.

Year: 1992     Genre: Horror

The Devil's Auction

Gavel to gavel terror where the bidding is for your soul and all sales are final. GOING... to the centuries-old auction was the dream of every witch and warlock. They knew the prize offered for bidding would give them power beyond belief. And they would do anything for a chance to win.

Year: 1988     Genre: Horror

The Weird Tales Story

The definitive history of Weird Tales magazine by one of the leading authories on pulp magazines. Copious illustrated, this coffeetable-sized volume is sure to please any fan of The Unique Magazine! Chapters include 'A Brief History', 'Farnsworth Wright' by E. Hoffman Price, 'Why Weird Tales', 'The Stories', 'Recollections', 'Cover Art' and more!

Year: 1977     Genre: on Pulp Fiction

Author, Editor, Pulp Historian

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1974Far Below and Other Horrors from the PulpsPulp Fiction
1977The Weird Tales Story
by Robert Weinberg and E. Hoffman Price
on Pulp Fiction
1988The Devil's AuctionHorror
1991The Armageddon BoxHorror
1991The Black LodgeHorror, Chicago
1992The Dead Man's KissHorror, Chicago
1994100 Wild Little Weird TalesHorror, Short Stories
1996A Calculated Logic




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