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Pulp Historian, Pulp Style Ghost Writer, and author of numerous Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Detective stories all displaying his unique style of humor and satire.

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After Things Fell Apart

The time is a few decades from now, the place what used to be the United States, now disrupted by internal factionalism as well as a short-lived foreign invasion. Out of this chaotic background Ron Goulart has produced a swift-moving, witty and constantly delightful novel, a story of a future odyssey.

Year: 1970     Genre: HumorNear Future

A Talent for the Invisible

In 2020 A.D. even 20-20 vision wouldn't help you to see Jack Conger when he was working. Because Jack was an operative of the Wild Talents Division of the U.S. Remedial Functions Agency -- and his particular specialty was making himself invisible.

Year: 1973     Genre: SF Detective

The Avenger #25: The Man From Atlantis

A man turned green by a strange malady collapses on the streets of New York. Clutched in his hand is an ancient medallion. It is the key to an old civilization & a New Barbarism. Can the Avenger decipher its cryptic mesage before the forces of evil use it to destroy democracy?

Year: 1974     Genre:

The Prisoner Of Blackwood Castle

Rescuing a princess was sport for Harry Challenge! But how would his fearlessness fare against werewolves, automatons, vampires...and a pretty reporter?

Year: 1984     Genre: Adventure

Groucho Marx, Master Detective

In this inventive mystery set in Hollywood's golden era, Ron Goulart revives America's favorite cigar-wielding comic--Groucho Marx. Needing a project to occupy him between movie stints, Groucho agrees to act in a radio serial. But when a beautiful starlet is found dead before production even begins, Groucho is determined to find out who killed her.

Year: 1998     Genre: Comic Mystery




1970After Things Fell Apart Humor, Near Future, Fragmented America
1972Gadget Man Near Future, Fragmented America
1972Hawkshaw Satire, Fragmented America
1973A Talent for the Invisible SF Detective, Jack Conger
1974The Avenger #25: The Man From Atlantis 
1974The Avenger #26: Red Moon 
1974The Avenger #27: The Purple Zombie 
1974The Avenger #28: Dr. Time 
1974The Avenger #29: The Nightwitch Devil 
1974The Avenger #30: Black Chariots 
1974The Avenger #31: The Cartoon Crimes 
1975When the Waker Sleeps Time Travel, Fragmented America
1975The Avenger #32: The Death Machine 
1975The Avenger #33: The Blood Countess 
1975The Avenger #34: The Glass Man 
1975The Avenger #35: The Iron Skull 
1975The Avenger #36: Demon Island 
1976A Whiff of Madness Humor, Science Fiction
1977Crackpot Satire, Fragmented America
1977The Panchronicon Plot SF Detective, Time Travel, Jack Conger
1979Hello, Lemuria Hello Humor, Science Fiction, Jack Conger
1981Brinkman Near Future, Fragmented America
1984Hellquad Humor, Science Fiction
1984The Prisoner Of Blackwood Castle Adventure, Harry Challenge
1985Brainz, Inc. SF Detective
1985Suicide, Inc. Humor, Science Fiction
1987The Curse Of The Obelisk Fantasy, Harry Challenge
1988The Dime Detectives
A Comprehensive History Of The Detective Fiction Pulps
1998Groucho Marx, Master Detective Comic Mystery, Groucho Marx, Hollywood
1999Elementary, My Dear Groucho Comic Mystery, Groucho Marx
1999Groucho Marx, Private Eye Comic Mystery, Groucho Marx
2001Groucho Marx And The Broadway Murders Comic Mystery, Groucho Marx
2002Groucho Marx, Secret Agent Comic Mystery, Groucho Marx, Hollywood
2005Groucho Marx, King Of The Jungle Comic Mystery, Groucho Marx, Hollywood
2007Cheap Thrills
The Amazing! Thrilling! Astonishing! History Of Pulp Fiction