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Corpus Delectable

She hadn't moved, and a new sensation blew cold across the back of my neck. As I lunged for her she crumbled and fell backwards down the yawning stairwell. When I reached her on the next landing I saw that not all the redness was in her costume. A bullet had struck her in the back.

Genre: Private Eye

The Girl's Number Doesn't Answer

That's the kind of case the police call 'open and shut.' But Ed Rivers, a private detective, was a friend of Nick Martin's. And no one was shutting the door of a death cell on Nick - not while Rivers could still go after the real, fiendishly clever mu

Genre: Private Eye

The Killer is Mine

The dirtiest killer of the year was the man private investigator Ed Rivers had to save from the chair. Wally Tulman, Florida socialite, had been convicted of molesting and murdering a young girl. Tulman's lovely wife begged Rivers to take his case - t

Genre: Private Eye

The Smasher

In this gripping first novel of suspense, Talmage Powell sharply evokes the tension of Griffin's quest down to its last, savage seconds.

Genre: Private Eye


SERIES: Ed Rivers

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0Corpus DelectablePrivate Eye
0The Girl's Number Doesn't AnswerPrivate Eye
0The Killer is MinePrivate Eye
0The SmasherPrivate Eye, Grifter