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Terry Pratchett was born in 1948 and had his first story published when he was just thirteen. After leaving school at seventeen to become a journalist he continued writing, publishing his first novel, The Carpet People, in 1971 and going on to produce the phenomenally successful Discworld series.

Terry proved early critics wrong and became one of the UK’s most successful authors, receiving a knighthood in 2009 and seeing many of his books adapted for the screen.

He died in March 2015 after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Featured Titles:

The Color of Magic

Imagine, if you will . . . a flat world sitting on the backs of four elephants who hurtle through space balanced on a giant turtle. In truth, the Discworld is not so different from our own. Yet, at the same time, very different . . . but not so much.

Year: 1983     Genre: Epic FantasySatire

The Light Fantastic

The side-splitting sequel to The Color of Magic, The Light Fantastic by bestselling author Sir Terry Pratchett takes readers on another offbeat journey with bumbling wizard Rincewind and hapless tourist Twoflower--both last seen falling off the edge of Discworld.

Year: 1986     Genre: Epic FantasySatire

Soul Music

With a head full of dreams and a pocketful of lint, Imp the Bard lands in Ankh-Morpork, yearning to become a rock star. Determined to devote his life to music, the unlucky fellow soon finds that all his dreams are coming true. Well almost.

Year: 1994     Genre: FantasyMusic

Going Postal

A splendid send-up of government, the postal system, and everything that lies in between in this newest entry in Terry Pratchett's internationally bestselling Discworld series. Convicted con man and forger Moist von Lipwig is given a choice: Face the hangman's noose, or get Ankh Morpork's ancient Post Office up and running efficiently! It was a tough decision . . .

Year: 2004     Genre: Con ArtistFantasySatire

Apr 28, 1948 -- Mar 12, 2015

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Want ItGot ItRead ItYearTitle

1983The Color of MagicEpic Fantasy, Satire, Discworld
1986The Light FantasticEpic Fantasy, Satire, Discworld
1987Equal RitesEpic Fantasy, Satire, Discworld
1987MortEpic Fantasy, Satire, Discworld
1988SourceryFantasy, Satire, Discworld
1988Wyrd SistersFantasy, Witches, Discworld
1989Guards! Guards!Fantasy, Discworld
1989PyramidsFantasy, Discworld
1990EricFantasy, Discworld
1990Good Omens
by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
1990Moving PicturesFantasy, Discworld
1991Reaper ManFantasy, Discworld
1991Witches AbroadFantasy, Witches, Discworld
1992Lords and LadiesFantasy, Discworld
1992Small GodsFantasy, Discworld
1993Men at ArmsFantasy, Discworld
1994Interesting TimesFantasy, Discworld
1994Soul MusicFantasy, Music, Discworld
1995MaskeradeFantasy, Discworld
1996Feet of ClayFantasy, Discworld
1996HogfatherFantasy, Discworld
1997JingoFantasy, Discworld
1998Carpe JugulumFantasy, Vampires, Discworld
1998The Last ContinentFantasy, Missing Person, Time Travel, Discworld
1999The Fifth ElephantFantasy, Discworld
2000The TruthFantasy, Satire, Discworld
2001The Amazing Maurice and His Educated RodentsFantasy, Discworld, Discworld Young Adult
2001The Last HeroFantasy, Discworld
2001Thief of TimeFantasy, Discworld
2002Night WatchFantasy, Time Travel, Discworld
2003Monstrous RegimentFantasy, Satire, Discworld
2003The Wee Free MenFantasy, Witches, Discworld, Discworld Young Adult
2004A Hat Full of SkyFantasy, Witches, Discworld, Discworld Young Adult
2004Going PostalFantasy, Satire, Con Artist, Discworld, Moist von Lipwig
2005Thud!Fantasy, Murder Mystery, Discworld
2006WintersmithFantasy, Witches, Discworld, Discworld Young Adult
2007Making MoneyFantasy, Satire, Discworld, Moist von Lipwig
2009Unseen AcademicalsFantasy, Satire, Discworld
2010I Shall Wear MidnightFantasy, Discworld, Discworld Young Adult
2011SnuffFantasy, Discworld
2013Raising SteamFantasy, Satire, Discworld, Moist von Lipwig
2015The Shepherd's CrownFantasy, Witches, Discworld, Discworld Young Adult




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