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Crazy in Berlin

Thomas Berger’s debut novel of a young man tumultuously coming of age in postwar Germany. Crazy in Berlin is the first volume in the saga of Carlo Reinhart. As an army medic stationed in Allied-occupied Germany, Reinhart is a young man of large bulk (two hundred pounds, plus)--good-hearted, intelligent, and something of a fool.

Year: 1958     Genre: Coming of AgeWWII: Post-War

Little Big Man

"The truth is always made up of little particulars which sound ridiculous when repeated." So says Jack Crabb, the 111-year-old narrator of Thomas Berger's 1964 masterpiece of American fiction, Little Big Man. Berger claimed the Western as serious literature with this savage and epic account of one man's extraordinary double life.

Year: 1964     Genre: Westerns

Who is Teddy Villanova?

Thomas Berger displays his genre bending prowess once more in this mystery turned comedy, featuring unforgettable dialogue and an extremely fun cast of characters.

Year: 1977     Genre: Comic Mystery

Arthur Rex

The myth of King Arthur has been told countless ways since the sixth century, always combining action, adventure, romance, and tragedy. In Arthur Rex, Thomas Berger updates the legend in irreverent fashion, forever changing King Arthur and his Round Table.

Year: 1978     Genre: Arthurian FantasyHumor


Suburban regular guy Earl Keese confronts the yawning pit of chaos in the persons of Harry and Ramona, a younger couple who have just moved into the only other house on their dead-end street. Literally overnight, Earl's painstakingly controlled world is turned upside down. Soon he is engaged in guerilla warfare with his new neighbors, who seem to threaten the very fabric of his carefully constructed reality.

Year: 1980     Genre: Suburbia

Robert Crews

A modern retelling of Robinson Crusoe that is an introspective look at the human condition only Thomas Berger could deliver. Crash landing in unfamiliar territory, Crews is the sole survivor to emerge from the wreckage. Alone, and without a drop of alcohol for the first time in his life, he must face the wild and, worse—himself.

Year: 1994     Genre: Adventure

The Return of Little Big Man

In this sequel to Berger’s beloved novel Little Big Man, one of literature’s wiliest survivors continues his breathtaking tall tales of the Old West.

Year: 1999     Genre: Westerns

Jul 20, 1924 -- Jul 13, 2014

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1958Crazy in BerlinComing of Age, WWII: Post-War, Carlo Reinhart, Berlin
1962Reinhart in LoveSuburbia, Carlo Reinhart
1964Little Big ManWesterns
1967Killing TimeCrime Fiction
1970Vital PartsHumor, Satire, Suburbia, Carlo Reinhart
1973Regiment of WomenAlternate Reality, Satire
1975Sneaky PeopleCrime Fiction
1977Who is Teddy Villanova?Comic Mystery
1978Arthur RexArthurian Fantasy, Humor
1981Reinhart's WomenHumor, Satire, Suburbia, Carlo Reinhart
1983The FeudLiterature, Revenge
1985NowhereHumor, Satire
1987Being InvisibleHumor, Literature
1989Changing the PastAlternate Reality
1990Orrie's StoryFamily Secrets, Greek Tragedy
1992Meeting EvilSuburbia, Thriller
1994Robert CrewsAdventure
1996SuspectsMurder Mystery
1999The Return of Little Big ManWesterns
2003Best FriendsLiterature
2004Adventures of the Artificial WomanLiterature
2013Abnormal OccurrencesShort Stories




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