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Term Limits

In one bloody night, three of Washington's most powerful politicians are executed with surgical precision. Their assassins then deliver a shocking ultimatum to the American government: set aside partisan politics and restore power to the people. No one, they warn, is out of their reach--not even the president.

Year: 1998     Genre: AssassinsCIAFBIPolitical Thriller

American Assassin

Mitch Rapp was a gifted college athlete without a care in the world...and then tragedy struck. Terrorists attacked innocent American citizens, and Rapp's girlfriend was among the murdered. Two hundred and seventy souls perished on that cold December night, and thousands of family and friends were left searching for comfort. Mitch Rapp was one of them, but he was not interested in comfort. Now he wants retribution.

Year: 2010     Genre: AssassinsCIAEspionage

Kill Shot

In the year since the CIA fully trained and then unleashed him, Mitch Rapp has been steadily working his way through a list of men, bullet by bullet. His latest target takes him to Paris but in the split second it takes the bullet to leave Rapp's silenced pistol, everything changes.

Year: 2012     Genre: AssassinsCIAPolitical Thriller

Apr 06, 1966 -- Jun 19, 2013

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1998Term LimitsPolitical Thriller, Assassins, CIA, FBI, Washington D.C.
1999Transfer of PowerKidnapping, Political Thriller, Terrorist, Mitch Rapp, Washington D.C.
2000The Third OptionAssassins, CIA, Terrorist, Mitch Rapp
2001Separation of PowerPolitical Thriller, Terrorist, Mitch Rapp
2003Executive PowerPolitical Thriller, CIA, Espionage, Mitch Rapp
2004Memorial DayPolitical Thriller, CIA, Mitch Rapp, Afghanistan
2005Consent to KillEspionage, Terrorist, Vengeance, Mitch Rapp
2006Act of TreasonPolitical Thriller, Terrorist, Mitch Rapp
2007Protect and DefendPolitical Thriller, Espionage, Mitch Rapp, Iran, Israel
2008Extreme MeasuresPolitical Thriller, Espionage, Terrorist, Mitch Rapp
2009Pursuit of HonorPolitical Thriller, Terrorist, Mitch Rapp
2010American AssassinAssassins, CIA, Espionage, Mitch Rapp
2012Kill ShotPolitical Thriller, Assassins, CIA, Mitch Rapp
2012The Last ManKidnapping, CIA, FBI, Mitch Rapp, Afghanistan




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