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Writings in Bronze

For 40 years, pulp historian Will Murray has been writing about Doc Savage and Lester Dent in the pages of many fanzines. Long out of print and very tough to find, the best of these articles have been updated and collected in this new book. Includes over 450 pages of Doc info, spread across over 50 articles.

Year: 2011     Genre: on Pulp Fiction

Doc Savage: Skull Island

Doc Savage returns from his Fortress of Solitude to discover the cold corpse of King Kong lying on his doorstep. He stuns his men when he reveals that he knows this creature. The story of how Doc Savage first ventured to Skull Island back in 1920 comprises this epic adventure of how Doc Savage first became the Man of Bronze!

Year: 2013     Genre: AdventureHero Pulps

The Spider: The Doom Legion

When a weird meteor crashes in the heart of Central Park on Halloween night, its uncanny light attracts the attention of Richard Wentworth-alias The Spider! Investigating, the millionaire criminologist encounters a maelstrom of madness in the making. Drawn, too, are two sinister figures from the past-international master criminals who join forces to harness the power of the pulsing meteorite.

Year: 2018     Genre: Hero Pulps

Tarzan, Conqueror of Mars

Stranded on the Red Planet, Tarzan of the Apes searches for the one man who could show him the path home—John Carter, Warlord of Mars!

Year: 2020     Genre: FantasyWhats New

Apr 28, 1953 --
Author, Pulp Historian, Journalist

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2011Writings in Bronzeon Pulp Fiction
2013Doc Savage: Skull IslandAdventure, Hero Pulps
2015Doc Savage: The Sinister Shadow
by Lester Dent and Will Murray
Hero Pulps
2015Tarzan: Return to Pal-ul-donAdventure, Tarzan
2016King Kong Vs. TarzanJungle Stories, Tarzan
2016Pat Savage: Six Scarlet Scorpions
by Lester Dent and Will Murray
Hero Pulps
2018The Spider: The Doom LegionHero Pulps, New York City
2020Tarzan, Conqueror of MarsFantasy, Whats New, Tarzan, Mars




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