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    Bones of the Moon by Jonathan Carroll

Cullen James is a young woman whose life dictates her dreams-and whose dreams control her life.

Year: 1987
Genre: Fantasy

    Sleeping in Flame by Jonathan Carroll

Walker Easterling is a retired actor turned successful screenwriter living in the Vienna of strong coffee, fascinating friends, and mysterious cafes. When he falls in love with Maris York, a beautiful artist who creates cities, his life becomes alive in fantastic and unsettling ways. As Walker's love for Maris grows, his life gets more and more bizarre. A friend steers him to Venasque, an odd little man reputed to be a powerful shaman. Venasque helps Walker discover and unravel his many interconnected past lives, and it is soon clear that an unresolved conflict from these past lives has resurfaced, and now threatens to undo Walker and Maris's love.

Year: 1988
Genre: Fantasy

    A Child Across the Sky by Jonathan Carroll

Like many young men before them, Weber and Philip went to Hollywood to make their fortune. Weber became one of the most respected directors of his generation, but Philip’s talent went unnoticed until he found his calling making horror pictures, a genre in which his gruesome imagination could shine. But everything changes one morning when he calls his old friend Weber to say hello, then kills himself only an hour later.

Year: 1989
Genre: Fantasy

    Outside the Dog Museum by Jonathan Carroll

Harry Radcliffe is a brilliant prize-winning architect and is being wooed by the extremely wealthy Sultan of Saru to design a billion-dollar dog museum. In Saru, he finds himself in a world even madder and more unreal than the one he left behind, and as his obsession grows, the powers of magic weave around him, and the implications of his strange undertaking grow more ominous and astounding....

Year: 1991
Genre: Fantasy

    After Silence by Jonathan Carroll

Max Fischer is at the Los Angeles County Museum when he sees the woman and child who will change his life. It seems like an innocent chance encounter, but in the years to come Max will wonder if he hadn’t been doomed from the start. He falls quickly for the beautiful, opinionated woman, and is about to propose marriage when he learns that Lily is harboring a dark secret—one that will change Max’s life forever.

Year: 1992
Genre: Fantasy

    From the Teeth of Angels by Jonathan Carroll

At first it seems like an ordinary dream. Talkative Englishman Ian McGann meets a long-dead acquaintance and asks him questions about the afterlife. But when he awakes, a thick pink scar stretches across his chest. Each subsequent night, as he dreams of death, he asks more questions, understands less, and awakens with increasingly gruesome injuries. When he meets an American traveler in Sardinia and tells him of his experience, the stranger begins having matching dreams—with the same painful results.

Year: 1994
Genre: Fantasy




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1987Bones of the Moon by Jonathan Carroll Fantasy, Answered Prayers
1988Sleeping in Flame by Jonathan Carroll Fantasy, Answered Prayers, Vienna
1989A Child Across the Sky by Jonathan Carroll Fantasy, Answered Prayers
1991Outside the Dog Museum by Jonathan Carroll Fantasy, Answered Prayers
A Novel of Love, Death, and Architecture
1992After Silence by Jonathan Carroll Fantasy, Answered Prayers
1994From the Teeth of Angels by Jonathan Carroll Fantasy, Answered Prayers





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