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    KOKO by Peter Straub

"KOKO......" Only four men knew what it meant. Vietnam vets. One was a doctor. One was a lawyer. One was a working stiff. One was a writer. All were as different as men could be----yet all were bound eternally together by a single shattering secret.

Year: 1988
Genre: Serial KillerVietnam War

    Mystery by Peter Straub

A young boy passed beyond the pale of death and returned with no answers - except chilling clues to the ultimate mystery...

Year: 1999
Genre: Horror

    The Throat by Peter Straub

A tormented writer, unable to exorcise the demons of his all-American town, plagued by horrific secrets...a beautiful woman, brutally murdered by a twisted killer thought long dead - or by an even more terrifying copycat?

Year: 19993
Genre: Horror

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-- -- --1988 KOKO   by Peter Straub
-- -- --1999 Mystery   by Peter Straub
-- -- --19993 The Throat   by Peter Straub