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    Pebble in the Sky by Isaac Asimov

After years of bitter struggle, Trantor had at last completed its work--its Galactic Empire ruled all 200 million planets of the Galaxy . . . all but one. On a backward planet called Earth were those who nurtured bitter dreams of a mythical, half-remembered past when the planet was humanity's only home. The other worlds despised it or merely patronized it--until a man from the past miraculously stepped through a time fault that spanned a millennium, living proof of Earth's most preposterous claims.

Year: 1950
Genre: Science Fiction

    The Stars, Like Dust by Isaac Asimov

His name was Biron Farrill and he was a student at the University of Earth. A native of one of the helpless Nebular Kingdoms, he saw his home world conquered and controlled by the planet Tyrann--a ruthless, barbaric Empire that was building a dynasty of cruelty and domination among the stars.

Year: 1951

    The Currents of Space by Isaac Asimov

Trantor had extended its rule over half the Galaxy, but the other half defied its authority, defending their corrupt fiefdoms with violence and repression. On the planet Florina, the natives labored as slaves for their arrogant masters on nearby Sark. But now both worlds were hurtling toward a cataclysmic doom, and only one man knew the truth--a slave unaware of the secret knowledge locked inside his own brain.

Year: 1952
Genre: Science Fiction

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1950Pebble in the Sky by Isaac Asimov Science Fiction, Galactic Empire
1951The Stars, Like Dust by Isaac Asimov Galactic Empire
1952The Currents of Space by Isaac Asimov Science Fiction, Galactic Empire





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