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    Rabbit, Run by John Updike

Harry Angstrom, in his mid-20s, his work is unfulfilling, his marriage is moribund, and he tries to find happiness with another woman. But happiness is more elusive than a medal, and Harry must continue to run--from his wife, his life, and from himself, until he reaches the end of the road and has to turn back....

Year: 1960
Genre: Literature

    Rabbit Redux by John Updike

Harry Angstrom--known to all as Rabbit, one of America's most famous literary characters--finds his dreary life shattered by the infidelity of his wife, Janice. How he resolves or further complicates his problems makes for a novel of the first order.

Year: 1971
Genre: Family DramaLiterature

    Rabbit Is Rich by John Updike

Ten years after Rabbit Redux, Harry Angstrom has come to enjoy prosperity as the Chief Sales Representative of Springer Motors. The rest of the world may be falling to pieces, but Harrry's doing all right. That is, until his son returns from the West, and the image of an old love pays a visit to his lot....

Year: 1981
Genre: Literature

    Rabbit at Rest by John Updike

Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom, the hero has acquired heart trouble, a Florida condo, and a second grandchild. His son and daughter-in-law are acting erratically, his wife Janice wants to work, and Rabbit is searching his soul, looking for reasons to live.

Year: 1990
Genre: Family Drama




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1960Rabbit, Run by John Updike Literature, Rabbit
1971Rabbit Redux by John Updike Family Drama, Literature, Rabbit
1981Rabbit Is Rich by John Updike Literature, Rabbit
1990Rabbit at Rest by John Updike Family Drama, Rabbit





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