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    Foundation's Fear by Gregory Benford

Fate -- and a cruel Emperor's arbitrary power -- have thrust Hari Seldon into the First Ministership of the Empire against his will. As the story opens, Hari is about to leave his quiet professorship and take on the all but impossible task of administering 25 million inhabited worlds from the all-steel planet of Trantor. With the help of his beautiful bio-engineered wife Dors and his alien companion Yugo, Seldon is still developing the science that will transform history, never dreaming that it will ultimately pit him against future history's most awesome threat.

Year: 1997
Genre: Science Fiction

    Foundation and Chaos by Greg Bear

Hari Seldon, frail and full of years, is on trial for daring to predict the Empire's fall, and the time has come for the long-anticipated migration to Star's End. But R. Daneel Olivaw, the brilliant robot entrusted with this great mission, has discovered a potential enemy, even deadlier than the figurehead Emperor's brutal minions. One of his own.

Year: 1998
Genre: Science Fiction

    Foundation's Triumph by David Brin

Old and very tired, the father of Psychohistory, has retired, ready to let the discipline he founded protect humankind from its inevitable decline. then an offer comes to make one last journey, a far-reaching trip across the stars, searching for the seeds of chaos planted on planets across the universe. But Seldon himself is in danger, watched by revolutionaries and a robot in disguise.

Year: 1999
Genre: Science Fiction




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1997Foundation's Fear by Gregory Benford Science Fiction, Second Foundation Trilogy
1998Foundation and Chaos by Greg Bear Science Fiction, Second Foundation Trilogy
1999Foundation's Triumph by David Brin Science Fiction, Second Foundation Trilogy





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