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The Way is a tunnel through space and time. The entrance is through the hollow asteroid Thistledown and the space station Axis City that sits at the asteroid's center. From there the Flawships ride the center of the Way, traveling to other worlds and times.

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    Eon by Greg Bear

The 21st century was on the brink of nuclear confrontation when the 300 kilometer-long stone flashed out of nothingness and into Earth's orbit. NASA, NATO, and the UN sent explorers to the asteroid's surface...and discovered marvels and mysteries to drive researchers mad.

Year: 1985
Genre: Action & Adventure SFAlien ContactAsteroids & Comets

    Eternity by Greg Bear

Forty years later, on Gaia, Rhita Vaskayza recklessly pursues her legacy, seeking an Earth once again threatened by forces from within and without. For physicist Konrad Korzenowski, murdered for creating The Way, and resurrected, is compelled by a faction determined to see it opened once more. And humankind will discover just how entirely they have underestimated their ancient adversaries.

Year: 1988
Genre: Action & Adventure SFHard SF

    Legacy by Greg Bear

Now the rulers of Axis City have discovered that a huge group of colonists has secretly entered one of the interdicted worlds along the Way. Olmy Ap Sennon has been sent to secretly assess the extent of the damage. But he will find far more than an intriguing alien biology-for on their new world the secret colonists have returned to the old ways of human history: war, famine, and ecological disaster. On this mission, Olmy will learn about the basics: love, responsibility, and even failure...

Year: 1995
Genre: Action & Adventure SFHard SF




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1985Eon by Greg Bear Action & Adventure SF, Alien Contact, Asteroids & Comets, The Way
1988Eternity by Greg Bear Action & Adventure SF, Hard SF, The Way
1995Legacy by Greg Bear Action & Adventure SF, Hard SF, The Way





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