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Tarzan's Revenge
by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan fights to keep a young woman out of trouble as she accompanies her parents and cowardly fiancee on a trek through the dangerous African jungle.

Tarzan of the Apes
by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Raised by a fierce she-ape of the tribe of Kerchak deep in the African jungle, the baby Tarzan grew to learn the secrets of the wild to survive--how to talk with animals, swing through trees, and fight against the great predators. He grew to the strength and courage of his fellow apes. And in time, his human intelligence promised him the kingship of the tribe. He became truly Lord of the Jungle. Then civilized men entered the jungle, and Tarzan was forced to choose between two worlds....

Tarzan on Radio 3 Hours on CD
by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Classic Old Time Radio, Pulp Fiction, Cliffhanger Serials, Old Movies and More at the Vintage Library. Click here for great pop culture from the early 20th Century!

Lost On Jupiter
by William Gilmour

Special edition limited to 250 copies. This is #8 signed to famed ERB collector, Sam Peeples.