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Hooded Detective: Whispering Eye: Jan. 1942
by Hooded Detective

Facsimile reprint from Adventure House of the January, 1942 issue featuring the Black Hood. The Black Hood from G.T.F. Roberts is back plus an early short story from David Goodis who went on to become a master of dark noir novels.

Blues of a Lifetime/Cornell Woolrich
by Cornell Woolrich

Blues of a Lifetime is essential reading for the student of suspense novelist Cornell Woolrich, author of "Rear Window." Three topics of paramount importance to Woolrich are discussed at length: writing, romance and despair.

Of Tender Sin
by David Goodis

Alvin Darby is a 29 year old insurance clerk, with a comfortable apartment, a beautiful wife and enough money in the bank not to have to worry. So why does he wake up in the middle of the night tortured by the image of a woman with platinum blonde hair? And why is he suddenly convinced that his wife is having an affair? Consumed by jealousy, Alvin leaves his comfortable life to walk the streets of Skid Row intent on murder. Caught up in an underworld of drugs and crime, Alvin is soon out of his depth, and back with his old girlfriend Geraldine, whose seductive silver yellow hair and orange lips seem to hold the key to unlock the dark and terrible sin of his past...

Rendezvous in Black
by Cornell Woolrich

In one short moment Johnny loses all that matters to him and his life is shattered. He vows to take from these men exactly what they took from him. After years of planning, Johnny begins his quest for revenge, and on May 31st of each year--always on May 31st--wives, lovers, and daughters are suddenly no longer safe.