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Old Time Radio

Experience first hand the suspense, the mystery and the laughs that radio listeners enjoyed 70 years ago, professionally remastered on CD and cassette.

During the 1930's and 1940's, the Radio Broadcast was America's number one source for nightly family entertainment. The top programs often ran not only for years but, in a number of cases, decades. News, interviews, mysteries, comedy, suspense, science fiction, horror, all were subjects of major radio shows.


Killer Hand - 3 Hours on CDs

3 Hours on 3 Compact Discs. Ante up for adventure with Radio Spirits' Killer Hand, A High Stakes Collection of Card Stories! Sit in on poker games with a Virginian in Hong Kong, an Englishman in the Wild West and a small time gambler in a showdown with death. In every digitally restored and remastered episode, more than just a man's money is at stake!

Lights Out Volume 2 (Compact Discs)
by Arch Oboler

Chills will run up your spine as you listen to radio's ultimate horror series, created by Wyllis Cooper and made famous by his successor, Arch Oboler. This groundbreaking series combined shocking scripts and terrifying sound effects like no other show on the airwaves. Among these 18 heart-stopping episodes, you'll hear many selected from Oboler's personal collection of master recordings.

The Aldrich Family

Laugh from beginning to end with the non-stop antics of Henry Aldrich, the teen-age sitcom star who entertained radio audiences for 13 seasons on The Aldrich Family. Played by Ezra Stone, Henry Aldrich somehow had a way to create chaos while his teenage troubles elicited laughter from audiences every week. Based on Clifford Goldsmith's Broadway play "What a Life," this teenage situation comedy ranks among the very best and the opening"Coming Mother" line became one of radio's most famous catchphrases. Enjoy this digitally restored and remastered laugh out loud Aldrich Family collection. From the School Picnic to the Henry the Shortstop, this collection features a hilarious teen who somehow has a knack for mayhem and the ability to bring smiles to the faces of those who listen in!

Leading Ladies: Radio's Legendary Actresses

Katharine Hepburn, Joan Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor and Bette Davis created superb performances which can be enjoyed once again in this 3 hour digitally restored and remastered collection that presents radio recreations of their classic roles. From Katharine Hepburn in her role as “Jo” in Little Women to Bette Davis in the Academy Award recreation of Jezebel this radio collection is not to be missed. Three hours of classic entertainment from four legendary actresses.


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