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From the pages of Argosy, All-Story Weekly, Dime Adventure, Thrilling Adventure, Top Notch, Short Stories, Popular Fiction and many more come stories of the dark jungles, hot deserts, ship wrecked castaways, gallant heroes and ruthless villians.


Tales of the Jungle
by L. Patrick Greene

Three stories from Adventure writer L. Patrick Greene. "Cobwebs" and also "Yellow" are reprinted from Man Stories in 1931. And "Jungle Fate" from Popular Fiction.

Forced Luck
by J. Allan Dunn

Barthelemy Portuguese's luck was legendary. Throughout the Spanish Main -- all through the Caribbean Seas he was known as the notorious freebooter "Lucky Bart."

Gods Guard the Brave
by H. Bedford Jones

Desperate adventure on strange tropic seas in these two thrilling novelettes by a master storyteller!

The Ocean Bastille
by H. Bedford Jones

Rising from the surf off the coast of France lies an imposing stone structure. It is a fortress for housing prisoners -- those political prisoners seized in the night and forever hidden away from mankind for unnamed offenses against the King.