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Chronicler of Cross Plains #2
by Damon Sasser (Editor)

Finally, the long awaited second issue of The Chronicler of Cross Plains has arrived. This journey into the imagination of Robert E. Howard is the biggest publication yet from The Black Coast Press. Chronicler is jam packed with fast-paced fiction, well-written essays and articles, and fantastic artwork from some of the best fantasy artists in the world!

LIMITED EDITION of 300 numbered copies

Contents Include:

  • Full Color Conan Cover
  • Inside front and back covers: Mikhal Oglu and Red Sonya by Rafael Kayanan
  • Back cover: Cormac Mac Art and Wulfhere by David Burton
  • “Desert Blood” by Robert E. Howard Illustrated by David Burton
  • “Howard and the Picts” by Timothy A. Arney Illustrated by Bill Cavalier
  • “The Knockout Punch” by John Norse Illustrated by Robert Sankner
  • “The Man-Eaters of Zamboula: A Conan Portfolio” by Michael L. Peters
  • “Black Stone in a Red Setting” by Steve Tompkins Illustrated by Joe Werhle
  • “Mzee” by Charles R. Saunders Illustrated by Bill Cavalier
  • “Soulless and Deadly” by Gary Romeo Illustrated by Rafael Kayanan
  • “To The or Not to The” by Rusty Burke
  • A review of Dennis McHaney’s Robert E. Howard, World’s Greatest Pulpster by Don Herron
  • Plus additional artwork, news and features

The Bloody Crown of Conan
by Robert E. Howard

In his hugely influential and tempestuous career, Robert E. Howard created the genre that came to be known as sword and sorcery–and brought to life one of fantasy’s boldest and most enduring figures: Conan the Cimmerian–reaver, slayer, barbarian, king.

Replica: Oriental Stories Winter 1932
by Oriental Stories

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REH: Two-Gun Raconteur # 8
by Damon Sasser (Editor)

The definitive Robert E. Howard fanzine continues with issue # 8. Contents include :
  • The short story "Black Country" by Robert E. Howard
  • The Dark Lines editorial
  • "Herbert Klatt: The Fourth Musketeer" by Glen Lord
  • Robert E. Howard's Heroes & Heroines A Portfolio
  • Restless Hercules, Wild Planet by Morgan Holmes
  • A Dark Gray Heritage Part 2 by Danny Street
  • Nemedian Dispatches