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The Shadow: Knight of Darkness (9 CDs)
by The Shadow

Classic Old Time Radio, Pulp Fiction, Cliffhanger Serials, Old Movies and More at the Vintage Library. Click here for great pop culture from the early 20th Century!

The Shadow: Strange Puzzles (9 CDs)
by The Shadow

Music, madness, death and darkness face amateur criminologist Lamont Cranston and The Shadow. In the midst of the most classic of mystery motifs - from foreboding castles to frame ups - he unravels each remarkable riddle. From elusive treasure to conclusive evidence: How? Why? And, who dunnit?

The Shadow: Unearthly Specters (9 CDs)
by The Shadow

You will join The Shadow, goaded by ghosts and vexed by snakes, as he battles strange and supposedly supernatural foes.

The Shadow: Weird Adventures (9 CDs)
by The Shadow

Join them The Shadow and Margot Lane on their journeys, in which you will hear four of the outstanding actors who played The Shadow: Orson Welles, Bill Johnstone, John Archer, and Bret Morrison.