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The Spider # 70: The Spider and the Slaves of Hell
by Grant Stockbridge

From the July, 1939 issue of The Spider magazine comes another adventure from Norvel Page writing under the pen name of Grant Stockbridge. In a hushed room of his stronghold, Richard Wentworth watched over his beloved. Crippled, her healing limbs held by carefully adjusted pulleys, Nita van Sloan hovered between life and death. It was then that a man--an underworld denizen, bloodied, beaten and terrified burst in upon Wentworth's sanctuary. "You are doomed," was his warning. "The underworld has roused again. Even now the dynamiters bore under your home!" With a trumped-up charge of murder on his head, could Wentworth battle that new underworld master, single-handedly? For, where that master struck, death by explosion was instantaneous, frightful! Interior illustrations included.

The Spider # 06: The Citadel of Hell
by Grant Stockbridge

Manhattan faces starvation when a subversive syndicate takes the supply and demand theory to merciless new heights. Now Richard Wentworth must unmask the Food Destroyers - and escape the roaming mobs of hunger-crazed New Yorkers screaming "Lynch the Spider!"

The Spider Presents... Quiver
by Blazing Comics

From Blazing Adventures, comes an action comic featuring Quiver and new female superhero, saved from death by the Spider and on the path of the serial killer "Pumpkin Man".

The Spider #26: Death Reign of the Vampire King
by Grant Stockbridge

They came at night-- the clouds of blood-thirsting, poisonous vampire bats- led by a strange man-thing who flew high in the black sky, directing their horrible slaughter. Blood was their desire, and they sucked it from the veins of helpless infants, from the white throats and breasts of frantic women, from the hands and faces of errorized men.