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Twilight Zone Volume 1
by Rod Serling

Enter the 5th Dimension on DVD! Three Remarkable Episodes! "Night of the Meek" Episode 47 - December 23, 1960 Christmas in the Twilight Zone... Art Carney is a forlorn department store Santa who takes to drinking --- only to find himself experiencing the nicest Christmas ever! "The Invaders" Episode 51 - January 27, 1961 A flying saucer lands in the attic of an isolated house inhabited by an impoverished woman -- who soon becomes panic-stricken as tiny spacemen begin to stalk her! "Nothing in the Dark" Episode 81 - January 5, 1962 An old woman has fought with death a thousand times and has always won. But now she finds herself afraid to let a wounded policeman (Robert Redford) in her door for fear he is Mr. Death. Is he?

The Twilight Zone Companion
by Marc Scott Zicree

The Twilight Zone has captivated, teased and haunted the imaginations of countless millions of viewers from its 1959 debut through its 156 subsequent episodes and many years of steady rebroadcast. The Twilight Zone Companion, a 1983 American Book Award nominee, is the complete show-by-show guide to one of television’s all-time greatest series. Zicree’s account of the series from inception to cancellation, through syndication and subsequent offshoots and remakes, is fascinating reading for even the most casual fan. Coverage of each episode includes a plot synopsis, Rod Serling’s narrations, critical commentary, behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes from the original artists who created the series, a complete list of cast and credits, and over 200 production photographs.

In the Zone: The Twilight World of Rod Serling
by Peter Wolfe

The Twilight Zone explores the possibilities inhering in the ordinary. A Twilight Zone episode can move us by being poignant and intimate, rambunctious or thought provoking. It can also be orchestrated as a set of inter-twined plot developments or as a serial progression. But regardless of whether it takes place on an asteroid, in a city pool room, or in the backwoods, it will usually convey both a folkorist's eye for detail and the born raconteur's sense of pace. Rod Serling, the show's founder, main scriptwriter, and artistic director, knew how much burden he could place on his rhetorical and dramatic gifts. Deservedly celebrated as a pioneer in TV science fiction, he also writes about history and loyalt, the grip of everyday reality, and the dangers of both forgetting about one's ghosts and giving them the upper hand. This book is not a history of the show and its creator (although some interesting background information finds its way into the discussion), but rather a unique look at the detail and the mastery of the episodes themselves.

Twilight Zone Volume 2
by Rod Serling

Your next stop is... The Twilight Zone on DVD! Four Remarkable Episodes! "Time Enough at Last" - Episode 8 - November 20, 1959 A bookworm (Burgess Meredith) yearns for more time to read -- then a nuclear holocaust leaves him alone in the world with lots of time, plenty to read, and one ironic twist! "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" - Episode 22 - March 4, 1960 Inexplicable events cause the residents of quiet Maple street to erupt into rioting. The residents suspect an alien invasion has occurred. If so, where are the alien monsters? "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" - Episode 123 - October 11, 1963 A salesman (William Shatner) recovering from a nervous breakdown spots a gremlin on the wing of his plane. When he attempts to alert others his nightmare truly begins! "The Odyssey of Flight 33" - Episode 54 - February 24, 1961 Flight 33 picks up a peculiar tailwind and is blown off course. After apparently correcting the problem, the flight arrives at its destination -- a billion years ahead of schedule!