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    Dr. Adder by K.W. Jeter

The one that started it all - K. W. Jeter's first novel that took him 12 years to get published, despite every science fiction editor in America telling him it was a great book, exactly what they should be publishing, but were too afraid to pull the trigger on. The book about which Philip K. Dick said "will change your notions of what's possible in science fiction forever".

Year: 1984
Genre: CyberpunkNear Future

    The Glass Hammer by K.W. Jeter

Year: 1985
Genre: Cyberpunk

    Death Arms by K.W. Jeter

R.D. Legger arrives in a future Los Angeles devastated by the Fear and finds himself at the mercy of a bizzare group of outcasts who possess psionic powers

Year: 1987

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1984Dr. Adder by K.W. Jeter Cyberpunk, Near Future, Dr. Adder Trilogy, Los Angeles
1985The Glass Hammer by K.W. Jeter Cyberpunk, Dr. Adder Trilogy
1987Death Arms by K.W. Jeter Dr. Adder Trilogy





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