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Evan Michael Tanner hasn't slept in more than a decade--not since a small piece of battlefield shrapnel invaded his skull and obliterated his brain's sleep center. Still, he's managed to find numerous inventive ways to occupy his waking hours.

Tanner is a card-carrying member of hundreds of international organizations, from the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Order to the Flat Earth Society--not because he believes in their myriad lost causes, he's simply a joiner by nature. Besides, it gives him something to do.

Featured Titles

    The Canceled Czech by Lawrence Block

Tanner takes on jobs for a covert intelligence organization so secret that even those who work for it have no idea who they're working for. Now his nameless supervisor wants him to sneak behind the Iron Curtain, storm an impregnable castle in Prague (alone!), and rescue an old Slovak who's got a pressing date with a hangman's noose.

Year: 1966
Genre: Espionage

    The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep by Lawrence Block

The Russians think Tanner is a CIA operative on a covert mission. The CIA is certain he's a Soviet agent. Actually, he's in Turkey pursuing a fortune in hidden Armenian gold. But Tanner's up for anything, including a little spycraft, if it helps him reach his big payday. And if need be, he'll even start a small revolution . . .

Year: 1966
Genre: CIAEspionage

    Tanner's Twelve Swingers by Lawrence Block

Evan Tanner's latest assignment is to find a friend's long-lost love, and smuggle her out of Russia. Everyone Evan meets on his trek across Eastern Europe is desperate for a one-way ticket to America. There's a subversive Yugoslavian author, a six-year-old future queen of Lithuania, and the beautiful woman Evan has been sent to rescue.

Year: 1967
Genre: Espionage

    Tanner's Tiger by Lawrence Block

The Cold War's boiling over. Global tensions are near the breaking point. So what's the perfect assignment for a super-spy who hasn't slept since the Korean conflict? A fun-filled trip to the Montreal World's Fair! The adorable little girl he's escorting—who, under different circumstances, would be sitting on the Lithuanian throne—can hardly contain her excitement, but it isn't all playtime for Evan Tanner. Some mysterious disappearances, apparently linked to the fair's Cuban exhibition, need to be looked into.

Year: 1968
Genre: Espionage

    Tanner's Virgin by Lawrence Block

Tanner's a true romantic, which is why he can't refuse a distraught mother who begs him to rescue her lost, pure-as-driven-snow daughter. Phaedra Harrow (nee Deborah Horowitz) once shared Tanner's apartment but not his bed. And now the virginal beauty's been abducted by white slavers in the Afghan wilderness.

Year: 1968
Genre: Espionage

    The Scoreless Thai by Lawrence Block

Now Tanner's in Thailand with a partially baked plan and a butterfly net, hoping to snare a beautiful missing chanteuse who's metamorphosed into an international jewel thief. Tanner hopes everyone will buy his disguise as a rare butterfly researcher. And everyone does . . .

Year: 1968
Genre: Espionage

    Me Tanner, You Jane by Lawrence Block

It's a jungle out there. Literally. At least for Evan Tanner, eternally sleepless sometime superspy, who finds himself in Africa on the trail of the AWOL ruler of tiny Modonoland. It seems the petty despot's gone missing, and he's taken the state treasury along with him.

Year: 1970
Genre: Espionage

    Tanner on Ice by Lawrence Block

Cold War superspy Evan Tanner lost the ability to sleep on a battlefield in Korea. So where the heck has he been since the '70s? Frozen. Cryogenically. A Tanner-sicle. Which he never thought would happen when he walked into a basement in Union City, New Jersey, more than a quarter century ago. Now he's unthawed and ready to rumble, and his somewhat addled, former super-secret boss, "the Chief," is glad his favorite operative's active again.

Year: 1998
Genre: Espionage

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1966The Canceled Czech by Lawrence Block Espionage, Evan Tanner, Czech Republic
1966The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep by Lawrence Block CIA, Espionage, Evan Tanner, Turkey
1967Tanner's Twelve Swingers by Lawrence Block Espionage, Evan Tanner, Russia
1968Tanner's Tiger by Lawrence Block Espionage, Evan Tanner, Canada
1968Tanner's Virgin by Lawrence Block Espionage, Evan Tanner, Afghanistan
1968The Scoreless Thai by Lawrence Block Espionage, Evan Tanner, Thailand
1970Me Tanner, You Jane by Lawrence Block Espionage, Evan Tanner, Africa
1998Tanner on Ice by Lawrence Block Espionage, Evan Tanner





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