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    Masquerade by Gayle Lynds

When you gaze into the mirror--and find a stranger looking back? Liz Sansborough has no recollection of her past as a CIA agent; no idea what her future holds. For her, there is only the present...and the chilling knowledge that the world's most lethal assassin has set his sights on her.

Year: 1996
Genre: CIAEspionage

    The Coil by Gayle Lynds

Liz Sansborough thought she had left her past behind forever. A former CIA field agent as well as the daughter of perhaps the most notorious Cold War assassin, the man known to the world only as The Carnivore, Liz is now a university professor in Southern California specializing in the psychology of violence. But her dead father's legacy has come back to overtake Liz.

Year: 2004
Genre: CIAConspiracyEspionageKidnapping

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1996Masquerade by Gayle Lynds CIA, Espionage, Liz Sansborough
2004The Coil by Gayle Lynds Kidnapping, CIA, Conspiracy, Espionage, Liz Sansborough





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