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1940-07-10 -- 1940-10-31

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    Spitfire Summer by Malcolm Brown

Packed full of unique material and first-hand accounts from the archives of the Imperial War MuseumIn the summer 1940 Britain stood alone as Nazi Germany was swiftly tightening its grip on Europe. Hitler's forces appeared to be invincible, having swept through Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Invasion seemed inevitable as the F├╝hrer's eyes turned to Britain, isolated against the might of fascism. But Hitler reckoned without the indomitable will and spirit of the British people and their leader, Winston Churchill.

Year: 2000
Genre: Battle of Britain

    The Most Dangerous Enemy by Stephen Bungay

Unrivalled for its synthesis of all previous historical accounts, for the quality of its strategic analysis and its truly compulsive narrative, this is a book ultimately distinguished by its conclusions - that it was the British in the Battle who displayed all the virtues of efficiency, organisation and even ruthlessness we habitually attribute to the Germans, and they who fell short in their amateurism, ill-preparedness, poor engineering and even in their old-fashioned notions of gallantry.

Year: 2000
Genre: Battle of Britain

    With Wings Like Eagles by Michael Korda

Michael Korda's brilliant work of history takes the reader back to the summer of 1940, when fewer than three thousand young fighter pilots of the Royal Air Force--often no more than nine hundred on any given day--stood between Hitler and the victory that seemed almost within his grasp.

Year: 2009
Genre: Battle of Britain

    The Battle of Britain by James Holland

'If Hitler fails to invade or destroy Britain, he has lost the war, ' Churchill said in the summer of 1940. He was right. The Battle of Britain was a crucial turning point in the history of the Second World War and now, acclaimed British historian James Holland has written the definitive account of this battle based on extensive new research from around the world including thousands of new interviews with people on both sides of the fighting.

Year: 2011
Genre: Battle of Britain




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2000Spitfire Summer by Malcolm Brown Non-Fiction
The Story of the Battle of Britain
2000The Most Dangerous Enemy by Stephen Bungay Non-Fiction
A History of the Battle of Britain
2009With Wings Like Eagles by Michael Korda Non-Fiction
The Untold Story of the Battle of Britain
2011The Battle of Britain by James Holland England, Non-Fiction
Five Months That Changed History; May-October 1940





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