WWII: Pacific Theater > Battle of Okinawa

1945-03-26 -- 1945-07-02

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    With the Old Breed by Eugene B. Sledge

Based on notes Sledge secretly kept in a copy of the New Testament, With the Old Breed captures with utter simplicity and searing honesty the experience of a soldier in the fierce Pacific Theater. Here is what saved, threatened, and changed his life. Here, too, is the story of how he learned to hate and kill--and came to love--his fellow man.

Year: 1981
Genre: Battle of OkinawaBattle of PeleliuWorld War II

    Okinawa by Robert Leckie

On Easter Sunday, 1945, the U.S. Marines and Army launched an invasion of Japan, attacking Okinawa with 540,000 men and 1,600 seagoing ships. The closing battle of World War II, it lasted eighty-three days and eclipsed D-Day in both troops and tonnage.

Year: 1995
Genre: Battle of Okinawa




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1981With the Old Breed by Eugene B. Sledge World War II, Non-Fiction
At Peleliu and Okinawa
1995Okinawa by Robert Leckie Non-Fiction
The Last Battle of World War II





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