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1975-04-29 -- 1975-04-30

The final evacuation of the American Embassy on April, 29, 1975 and the fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975 marked the end of the Vietnam War.

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    Air America in Laos by Stephen I. Nichols

Air America was a civilian airline doing paramilitary work for the CIA in Laos from the late 1950's to mid 1970. The most shot at airline in world history with the motto "Anything, Anytime, Anywhere, Professionally" provided logistical and humanitarian support to the Lao government in its civil war against the communist Pathet Lao. The airline was also called upon to rescue US Military personnel shot down in Laos and North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Year: 2013
Genre: CIAFall of SaigonRescue MissionVietnam War

    The Lucky Few by Jan K. Herman

As the Vietnam War reached its tragic climax in the last days of April 1975, a task force of U.S. Navy ships cruised off South Vietnam's coast. Their mission was to support the evacuation of American embassy personnel and military advisers from Saigon as well as to secure the safety of the South Vietnamese whose lives were in endangered by the North Vietnamese victory.

Year: 2015
Genre: Fall of SaigonVietnam War

    Escape from Saigon by Michael Morris and Dick Pirozzolo

Few thirty-day periods in history have been more tumultuous than the fall of Saigon in April of 1975. With US military now gone for two years, the North Vietnamese Army routed South Vietnam's forces, resulting in thousands of refugees pouring into the former colonial capital. The world watched and waited for what many expected would be a bloodbath.

Year: 2017
Genre: Fall of Saigon




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2013Air America in Laos by Stephen I. Nichols CIA, Rescue Mission, Vietnam War, Laos, Non-Fiction
2015The Lucky Few by Jan K. Herman Vietnam War, Asia, Non-Fiction
The Fall of Saigon and the Rescue Mission of the USS Kirk
2017Escape from Saigon by Michael Morris





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