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    The Cutthroat by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott

Hired to find a young woman named Anna Pape who ran away from home to become an actress, Bell gets a shock when her murdered body turns up instead. Vowing to bring the killer to justice, he begins a manhunt that leads him into increasingly more alarming territory. Anna was not alone in her fate--petite young blond women like Anna are being murdered in cities across America.

Year: 2017
Genre: 1910sSerial Killer

    The Race by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott

It is 1910, the age of flying machines is still in its infancy, and newspaper publisher Preston Whiteway is offering $50,000 for the first daring aviator to cross America in less than 50 days. He is even sponsoring one of the prime candidates - an intrepid woman named Josephine Frost - and that's where Bell, chief investigator for the Van Dorn Detective Agency, comes in.

Year: 2011
Genre: 1910s

    The Saboteurs by Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul

Detective Isaac Bell's investigation into an attempted assassination brings him to the construction site of the Panama Canal--and straight into a nest of vipers--in the latest adventure in the bestselling series from Clive Cussler.

Year: 2020
Genre: 1910sSabotageWhats New

    The Thief by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott

On the ocean liner "Mauretania," two European scientists with a dramatic new invention are barely rescued from abduction by the Van Dorn Detective Agency's intrepid chief investigator, Isaac Bell. Unfortunately, they are not so lucky the second time. The thugs attack again-and this time one of the scientists dies. What are they holding that is so precious? Only something that will revolutionize business and popular culture-and perhaps something more.

Year: 2012
Genre: 1910sKidnappingPrivate Eye

    The Titanic Secret by Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul

A century apart, NUMA Director Dirk Pitt and detective Isaac Bell team up to unlock the truth about the most famous maritime disaster of all time.

Year: 2019
Genre: 1910sActionAdventure



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