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    The Moving Target by Ross Macdonald

Like many Southern California millionaires, Ralph Sampson keeps odd company. There's the sun-worshipping holy man whom Sampson once gave his very own mountain; the fading actress with sidelines in astrology and S&M. Now one of Sampson's friends may have arranged his kidnapping.

Year: 1949
Genre: KidnappingPrivate Eye

    King's Ransom by Ed McBain

When a wealthy businessman is faced with a kidnapping, the ransom could ruin his biggest deal ever--unless Detective Steve Carella can find the culprits before the kidnapping turns to murder.

Year: 1959
Genre: KidnappingPolice Procedural

    The Far Side of the Dollar by Ross Macdonald

Private investigator Lew Archer is looking for an unstable rich kid who has run away from an exclusive reform school--and into the arms of kidnappers. Why are his desperate parents so loath to give Archer the information he needs to find him? And why do all trails lead to a derelict Hollywood hotel where starlets and sailors once rubbed elbows with two-bit grifters--and where the present clientele includes a brand-new corpse?

Year: 1965
Genre: KidnappingPrivate Eye

    The Instant Enemy by Ross Macdonald

Generations of murder, greed and deception come home to roost in time for the most shocking conclusion ever in a Lew Archer novel. At first glance, it's an open-and-shut missing persons case: a headstrong daughter has run off to be with her hothead juvenile delinquent boyfriend. That is until this bush-league Bonnie & Clyde kidnap Stephen Hackett, a local millionaire industrialist.

Year: 1968
Genre: KidnappingMissing PersonPrivate Eye

    God Save the Child by Robert B. Parker

Appie Knoll is the kind of suburb where kids grow up right. But something is wrong. Fourteen-year-old Kevin Bartlett disappears. Everyone thinks he's run away -- until the comic strip ransom note arrives.

Year: 1974
Genre: Kidnapping




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1949The Moving Target by Ross Macdonald Kidnapping, Private Eye, Lew Archer
1959King's Ransom by Ed McBain Kidnapping, Police Procedural, 87th Precinct
1965The Far Side of the Dollar by Ross Macdonald Kidnapping, Private Eye, Lew Archer
1968The Instant Enemy by Ross Macdonald Kidnapping, Missing Person, Private Eye, Lew Archer
1974God Save the Child by Robert B. Parker Kidnapping, Spenser, Boston
1978The Switch by Elmore Leonard Kidnapping, Revenge, Detroit
1980Early Autumn by Robert B. Parker Kidnapping, Spenser
1980Looking for Rachel Wallace by Robert B. Parker Kidnapping, Private Eye, Spenser
1985Snatch by Gregory Mcdonald Kidnapping
1988Mona Lisa Overdrive by William Gibson Cyberpunk, Kidnapping, Sprawl Trilogy
1991Mao II by Don DeLillo Kidnapping, Terrorist
1995Riding the Rap by Elmore Leonard Crime Fiction, Kidnapping, Raylan Givens, Florida
1997Back Spin by Harlan Coben Kidnapping, Myron Bolitar
1998Die Trying by Lee Child Kidnapping, Jack Reacher
1999Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn Kidnapping, Political Thriller, Terrorist, Mitch Rapp, Washington D.C.
2000Darkest Fear by Harlan Coben Kidnapping, Missing Person, Myron Bolitar
2002The Janson Directive by Robert Ludlum Kidnapping, Espionage, Paul Janson
2003Frumious Bandersnatch by Ed McBain Kidnapping, Police Procedural, Music, 87th Precinct
2003No Second Chance by Harlan Coben Kidnapping
2003The Last Detective by Robert Crais Kidnapping, Private Eye, Elvis Cole, Joe Pike
2004The Coil by Gayle Lynds Kidnapping, CIA, Conspiracy, Espionage, Liz Sansborough
2008First Daughter by Eric Van Lustbader Kidnapping, Political Thriller, Alli Carson, Jack McClure
2008Rough Weather by Robert B. Parker Family Secrets, Kidnapping, Private Eye, Spenser
2009Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly Kidnapping, Harry Bosch
2009U is for Undertow by Sue Grafton Cold Case, Kidnapping, Private Eye, Kinsey Millhone
2012The Comedy Is Finished by Donald E. Westlake Kidnapping
2012The Last Man by Vince Flynn Kidnapping, CIA, FBI, Mitch Rapp, Afghanistan
2012The Thief by Clive Cussler Kidnapping, Private Eye, Isaac Bell
2014Robert Ludlum's The Janson Option by Paul Garrison Action, Kidnapping, Paul Janson
2015Robert Ludlum's the Geneva Strategy by Jamie Freveletti Kidnapping, Terrorist, Covert-One
2016Home by Harlan Coben Kidnapping, Missing Person, Myron Bolitar
2016Razor Girl by Carl Hiaasen Kidnapping, Missing Person
2017The Romanov Ransom by Clive Cussler Kidnapping, Treasure Hunt, Fargo Adventures
2019A Dangerous Man by Robert Crais Buried Past, Kidnapping, Elvis Cole, Joe Pike
2019A Minute to Midnight by David Baldacci Kidnapping, Serial Killer, Atlee Pine, Georgia
2019The Oracle by Clive Cussler Adventure, Kidnapping, Treasure Hunt, Fargo Adventures
2020Daylight by David Baldacci Cold Case, Kidnapping, Conspiracy, Atlee Pine, John Puller





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