Pulp Fiction

During the depression years and the uncertain times heading into World War II, America turned to fictional heroes for entertainment. The pulps provided a number heroes that each lasted over a decade and into the hunderds of issues.

Pulp fiction magazines were the main source of everyday entertainment for the masses during the first half of the 20th Century. These magazines delivered action and heroes that were some of the most creative in literary history. Pulp heroes and their authors have influenced every medium including comics, movies, and television.


Featured Titles:

    Builders of the Dark Empire by Grant Stockbridge and Norvell Page

The little tramp steamer ploughed steadily over a hot, placid sea—then suddenly, terror stalked it and every man aboard was doomed! In swift succession, other vessels, large and small, meet the same ghastly fate. Swift and terrible, death was abroad upon the shipping lanes. And the SPIDER, for once taken off his guard, lies supposedly dying in a New York hospital at the same instant that the Terror from the Seas raises its ugly head above the city skyline—to menace the life of the nation!

Year: 1934
Genre: Hero PulpsPulp Fiction

    Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life by Philip Jose Farmer

Philip José Farmer, three-time Hugo award winner and Science Fiction Grand Master, has turned his superb research and narrative skills to one of the greatest heroes of our time: Doc Savage, the bronze champion of justice.

Year: 1973
Genre: on Pulp FictionPulp FictionSecret History

    The Best of Amazing Stories: The 1926 Anthology by Pulp Reprint

A unique collection of classic science fiction tales selected from the first year of the very first science fiction magazine. 1926 was a very good year, at least for speculative fiction, as this anthology proves.

Year: 1926
Genre: Pulp Fiction

    The Complete Cases of Peter Kane by Hugh B. Cave

No longer a Boston police officer, hard-boiled drunk Peter Kane made the easy transition to work as a P.I. Though now in private practice, Kane had a knack for cracking cases while constantly inebriated. Collecting the entire series, along with an all-new introduction by Bob Byrne.

Genre: Pulp Fiction

    The Masked Invasion by Curtis Steele and Frederick C. Davis

Jmmy Christopher is Operator 5. In THE MASKED INVASION he fends off the Masked Empire, an organization that threatens the very existance of the United States as a democratic force. Originally printed in the April, 1934 issue of Operator 5 Magazine.

Year: 1934
Genre: Hero PulpsPulp Fiction

    Zorro #1: The Mark of Zorro by Johnston McCulley

The Mark of Zorro (a.k.a. The Curse of Capistrano) introduces popular culture's first masked crime-fighter. This volume includes two additional adventures, "Zorro Saves a Friend" and "Zorro Hunts a Jackal."

Genre: AdventureHero PulpsPulp FictionWestern


Selected Titles:


Astounding Stories of Super-Science, Vol. 1, No. 1 Pulp Reprint
Builders of the Dark Empire Grant Stockbridge THE SPIDER
Complete Adventures of the Moon Man, Volume 1 Frederick C. Davis
Dan Turner Hollywood Detective #10 Robert Leslie Bellem SPICY PULPS
Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life Philip Jose Farmer DOC SAVAGE
Don't Dream: The Collected Horror and Fantasy of Donald Wandrei Donald Wandrei
East of Samarinda Carl Jacobi
Far Below and Other Horrors from the Pulps Robert Weinberg
Genius Jones Lester Dent
Killer's Ruse Robert Leslie Bellem
Private Detective Stories: Nov 1946 Robert Leslie Bellem
Satan's Daughter and Other Tales from the Pulps E. Hoffman Price
The Best of Amazing Stories: The 1926 Anthology Pulp Reprint
The Best of Weird Tales 1923 Pulp Reprint
The Cock Crows Murder and Other Tales from the Pulps Robert Leslie Bellem
The Complete Cases of Peter Kane Hugh B. Cave
The Devil's Bride: Mysteries of Jules de Gandin Seabury Quinn JULES DE GRANDIN
The Dr. Fu Manchu: A Supervillain Trilogy Sax Rohmer
The Hand of Fu-Manchu Sax Rohmer
The Masked Invasion Curtis Steele OPERATOR 5
The Thrill Book: Sept. 1, 1919 Pulp Reprint
Zorro #1: The Mark of Zorro Johnston McCulley



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