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    Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey

Initially published in 1912 and the first of Zane Grey's many bestsellers, this stirring tale of adventure in the high country established the prototype for western novels of the twentieth century. The plot's focus is a proud young heroine who's determined to defend her Utah ranch. She stands alone against the villains who rustle and stampede her cattle -- until a stranger rides into the territory.

Year: 1912
Genre: Westerns

    Bull Hunter by Max Brand

The townspeople living between Cheyenne and San Antonio brace themselves for the confrontation of a lifetime between gentle giant Bull Hunter and brawny gunslinger Pete Reeve.

Year: 1921
Genre: Westerns

    Shane by Jack Schaefer

Many folks in their small Wyoming valley are suspicious of Shane, and make it known that he is not welcome. But dangerous as Shane may seem, he is a staunch friend to the Starretts--and when a powerful neighboring rancher tries to drive them out of their homestead, Shane becomes entangled in the deadly feud.

Year: 1949
Genre: Westerns

    The Unforgiven by Alan Le May

The Unforgiven tells the story of a woman taken from her Native American tribe and raised by a white family. She struggles with her allegiance towards her adoptive family and her feelings towards another white man, and a bloody battle ensues between the two communities.

Year: 1957
Genre: Westerns

    Journal of the Gun Years by Richard Matheson

Back East, they told tall tales about Marshall Clay Halser, the fearless Civil War veteran who became known as the "Hero of the Plains" for his daring exploits in the Wild West. But the truth, as revealed in his private journals, is even more compelling.

Year: 1992
Genre: Westerns




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-- -- -- Zorro #1: The Mark of Zorro   by Johnston McCulley
-- -- --1902 The Virginian   by Owen Wister
-- -- --1912 Riders of the Purple Sage   by Zane Grey
-- -- --1921 Bull Hunter   by Max Brand
-- -- --1921 Gunman's Reckoning   by Max Brand
-- -- --1941 The Lone Ranger Rides   by Fran Striker
-- -- --1949 Shane   by Jack Schaefer
-- -- --1953 First Blood and Other Stories   by Jack Schaefer
-- -- --1953 The Big Range   by Jack Schaefer
-- -- --1953 The Bounty Hunters   by Elmore Leonard
-- -- --1953 The Canyon   by Jack Schaefer
-- -- --1954 The Searchers   by Alan Le May
-- -- --1957 Company of Cowards   by Jack Schaefer
-- -- --1957 The Unforgiven   by Alan Le May
-- -- --1959 Last Stand at Saber River   by Elmore Leonard
-- -- --1959 The Kean Land and Other Stories   by Jack Schaefer
-- -- --1961 Hombre   by Elmore Leonard
-- -- --1963 Monte Walsh   by Jack Schaefer
-- -- --1964 Stubby Pringle's Christmas   by Jack Schaefer
-- -- --1965 Heroes Without Glory   by Jack Schaefer
-- -- --1967 Mavericks   by Jack Schaefer
-- -- --1970 Valdez is Coming   by Elmore Leonard
-- -- --1972 Forty Lashes Less One   by Elmore Leonard
-- -- --1974 Centennial   by James A. Michener
-- -- --1979 Gunsights   by Elmore Leonard
-- -- --1983 The Pioneers   by Jack Schaefer
-- -- --1985 Blood Meridian   by Cormac McCarthy
-- -- --1985 Texas   by James A. Michener
-- -- --1988 Alaska   by James A. Michener
-- -- --1992 Journal of the Gun Years   by Richard Matheson
-- -- --1994 The Crossing   by Cormac McCarthy
-- -- --2004 The Complete Western Stories of Elmore Leonard   by Elmore Leonard
-- -- --2011 Kearny's March   by Winston Groom
-- -- --2017 Dragon Teeth   by Michael Crichton