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    The Best of Jules de Grandin by Seabury Quinn

"Hercule Poirot meets Fox Mulder . . . raises genuine shivers. "--Kirkus Reviews. A collection of the 20 greatest tales of Jules de Grandin, the supernatural detective made famous in the classic pulp magazine Weird Tales.

Genre: Supernatural

    The Bride Wore Black by Cornell Woolrich

When the wealthy ladies' man fell from his balcony in the midst of his engagement party, the police dismissed the death as the result of a freak accident. There was nothing to connect it with the poisoning of a lonely man in his squalid apartment, or with the married business-man killed after him, sealed into a closet and left to suffocate. No connection, that is, aside from the appearance of a beautiful woman in each case, just before the victims met their untimely ends.

Year: 1940
Genre: Noir Fiction

    A Time for Mercy by John Grisham

Clanton, Mississippi. 1990. Jake Brigance finds himself embroiled in a deeply divisive trial when the court appoints him attorney for Drew Gamble, a timid sixteen-year-old boy accused of murdering a local deputy. Many in Clanton want a swift trial and the death penalty, but Brigance digs in and discovers that there is more to the story than meets the eye. Jake's fierce commitment to saving Drew from the gas chamber puts his career, his financial security, and the safety of his family on the line.

Year: 2020
Genre: Courtroom Drama

    Dead Land by Sara Paretsky

V.I. is desperate to find a mysterious man named Coop, who roams the lakefront in the middle of the night with his dog. She's sure he holds the key to the mounting body count within SLICK. Coop may even know why an international law firm is representing the mass murderer responsible for Lydia's lover's death. Instead, the detective finds a terrifying conspiracy stretching from Chicago's parks to a cover-up of the dark chapters in America's meddling in South American politics.

Year: 2020
Genre: Hardboiled DetectivePrivate Eye

    Elsewhere by Dean Koontz

The fate of the world is in the hands of a father and daughter in an epic novel of wonder and terror by Dean Koontz, the bestselling master of suspense.

Year: 2020
Genre: Science Fiction



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-- -- -- The Best of Jules de Grandin   by Seabury Quinn
-- -- --1940 The Bride Wore Black   by Cornell Woolrich
-- -- --2020 A Time for Mercy   by John Grisham
-- -- --2020 Dead Land   by Sara Paretsky
-- -- --2020 Elsewhere   by Dean Koontz
-- -- --2020 Fair Warning   by Michael Connelly
-- -- --2020 Ready Player Two   by Ernest Cline
-- -- --2020 Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Evolution   by Brian Freeman
-- -- --2020 Robert Ludlum's the Treadstone Resurrection   by Joshua Hood
-- -- --2020 Squeeze Me   by Carl Hiaasen
-- -- --2020 Tarzan, Conqueror of Mars   by Will Murray
-- -- --2020 The Boy from the Woods   by Harlan Coben
-- -- --2020 The Evening and the Morning   by Ken Follett
-- -- --2020 The Haunting of H. G. Wells   by Robert Masello
-- -- --2020 The Last Emperox   by John Scalzi
-- -- --2020 The Last Trial   by Scott Turow
-- -- --2020 The Law of Innocence   by Michael Connelly
-- -- --2020 The Nemesis Manifesto   by Eric Van Lustbader
-- -- --2020 The Voice of James M. Cain   by David Madden
-- -- --2020 To Wake the Giant   by Jeff Shaara
-- -- --2020 Walk the Wire   by David Baldacci
-- -- --2021 Robert Ludlum's the Treadstone Exile   by Joshua Hood