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God Save the Child

Thumbtack    God Save the Child by Robert B. Parker

Appie Knoll is the kind of suburb where kids grow up right. But something is wrong. Fourteen-year-old Kevin Bartlett disappears. Everyone thinks he's run away -- until the comic strip ransom note arrives.

Year: 1974
Genre: Kidnapping

Mortal Stakes

Thumbtack    Mortal Stakes by Robert B. Parker

Everybody loves a winner, and the Rabbs are major league. Marty is the Red Sox star pitcher, Linda the loving wife. She loves everyone except the blackmailer out to wreck her life.

Year: 1975
Genre: BaseballExtortion

Confess, Fletch

Thumbtack    Confess, Fletch by Gregory Mcdonald

Fletch, now newly engaged and happily living out his days in Italy, finds himself embroiled in yet another scandal. His soon-to-be father-in-law has been kidnapped and is now presumed dead, and the priceless collection of rare art that belongs to his fiancée's family has been stolen

Year: 1976
Genre: Comic MysteryPainting

Crimson Joy

Thumbtack    Crimson Joy by Robert B. Parker

A serial killer is on the loose in Beantown and the cops can't catch him. But when the killer leaves his red rose calling card for Spenser's own Susan Silverman, he gets all the attention that Spenser and Hawk can give.Spenser plays against time while he tracks the Red Rose killer from Boston's Combat Zone to the suburbs. His trap is both daring and brave, and gives the story a satisfying climax.

Year: 1988
Genre: Private EyeSerial Killer


Thumbtack    Playmates by Robert B. Parker

Spenser goes back to school- to investigate corruption in college town. Taft University's hottest basketball star is shaving points for quick cash. And if Spenser doesn't watch his own footwork, the guilty parties will shave a few years off his life.

Year: 1989
Genre: Basketball

All Our Yesterdays

Thumbtack    All Our Yesterdays by Robert B. Parker

"All Our Yesterdays" opens amid the violence and tumult of 1920s Ireland with Conn Sheridan, a reckless young IRA captain. Conn's forbidden affair with Hadley Winslow, a Boston tycoon's wife, initiates a dangerous entanglement of desire and blackmail between two families that will span three generations. When a shattering betrayal forces Conn to flee Ireland, he beings a new life in America as a Boston cop.

Year: 1994
Genre: Family Saga


Thumbtack    Spenser's Boston by Robert B. Parker

Documenting historic Boston, this volume shows the city through the eyes of one of its most famous citizens--Spenser, the tough guy who is sensitive and intelligent--with photographs and excerpts from the best-selling mystery novels.

Year: 1994

Gone, Baby, Gone

Thumbtack    Gone, Baby, Gone by Dennis Lehane

The tough neighborhood of Dorchester is no place for the innocent or the weak. Now, one of its youngest is missing. Private investigators Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro don't want the case. But after pleas from the child's aunt, they open an investigation that will ultimately risk everything--their relationship, their sanity, and even their lives--to find a little girl lost.

Year: 1998
Genre: Missing PersonPrivate Eye

The Surgeon

Thumbtack    The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen

In her most masterful novel of medical suspense, bestselling author Tess Gerritsen creates a villain of unforgettable evil--and the one woman who can catch him before he kills again.He slips into their homes at night and walks silently into bedrooms where women lie sleeping, unaware of the horrors they soon will endure. The precision of the killer's methods suggests he is a deranged man of medicine, propelling the Boston newspapers and the frightened public to name him The Surgeon.

Year: 2001
Genre: Thriller

The Given Day

Thumbtack    The Given Day by Dennis Lehane

Set in Boston at the end of the First World War, captures the political and social unrest of a nation caught at the crossroads where past meets future. Filled with a cast of richly drawn, unforgettable characters, "The Given Day" tells the story of two families--one black, one white--swept up in a maelstrom of revolutionaries and anarchists, immigrants and ward bosses, Brahmins and ordinary citizens, all engaged in a battle for survival and power.

Year: 2008




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Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot1974God Save the Child by Robert B. Parker Kidnapping, Spenser, Boston
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot1975Mortal Stakes by Robert B. Parker Extortion, Baseball, Spenser, Boston
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot1976Confess, Fletch by Gregory Mcdonald Comic Mystery, Painting, Fletch, Flynn, Boston
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot1988Crimson Joy by Robert B. Parker Private Eye, Serial Killer, Spenser, Boston
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot1989Playmates by Robert B. Parker Basketball, Spenser, Boston
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot1994All Our Yesterdays by Robert B. Parker Family Saga, Boston
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot1994Spenser's Boston by Robert B. Parker Spenser, Boston
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot1998Gone, Baby, Gone by Dennis Lehane Missing Person, Private Eye, Angela Gennaro, Patrick Kenzie, Boston
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot2001The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen Thriller, Rizzoli & Isles, Boston
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot2008The Given Day by Dennis Lehane Coughlin, Boston
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot2009The Little Sleep by Paul Tremblay Hardboiled Detective, Noir Fiction, Defective Detective, Mark Genevich, Boston
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot2010No Sleep Till Wonderland by Paul Tremblay Defective Detective, Mark Genevich, Boston
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot2012Live by Night by Dennis Lehane Prohibition, Coughlin, Boston
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot2013Bunker Hill: A City, a Siege, a Revolution by Nathaniel Philbrick American Revolution, Boston, Non-Fiction





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