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    Deadlock by Sara Paretsky

When Chicago Black Hawks hockey legend Boom Boom Warshawski slips off a wharf and drowns in Lake Michigan, his private-eye cousin questions the accidental death report and rumors of suicide. Armed with a bottle of Black Label and a Smith & Weson, V.I. follows a trail of violence and corruption to the center of the Windy City's powerful shipping industry.

Year: 1984
Genre: Private Eye

    The Black Lodge by Robert Weinberg

In an old Chicago railroad house, a crack dealer is robbing his customer--a huge, shrouded figure with a thousand in cold cash and a featureless face. The pusher empties his .44 into the man, who is slammed against a wall by the bullets' force. But he rises unharmed--and slowly approaches his attacker with a meat cleaver. "My turn," he utters calmly. He's the dark man, a force of evil...

Year: 1991
Genre: Horror

    The Dead Man's Kiss by Robert Weinberg

From the still halls of a Chicago museum they've stolen a priceless ancient relic--and from its blackened crevices they've liberated a human spirit. His name is Jambres--priest of the once-mighty empire of Egypt--and for more than three long millenia he's waited to walk again on earth.

His quest: to reunite the halves of his soul, sundered for a long-ago crime he didn't commit.

Year: 1992
Genre: Horror

    Dead Land by Sara Paretsky

V.I. is desperate to find a mysterious man named Coop, who roams the lakefront in the middle of the night with his dog. She's sure he holds the key to the mounting body count within SLICK. Coop may even know why an international law firm is representing the mass murderer responsible for Lydia's lover's death. Instead, the detective finds a terrifying conspiracy stretching from Chicago's parks to a cover-up of the dark chapters in America's meddling in South American politics.

Year: 2020
Genre: Private Eye





1984Deadlock by Sara Paretsky
1991The Black Lodge by Robert Weinberg
1992The Dead Man's Kiss by Robert Weinberg
2020Dead Land by Sara Paretsky