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Thumbtack    Hurricane by John D. MacDonald

A hurricane of terrifying intensity is looming over Florida. Along a state highway, a handful of foolhardy souls trying to outrun the storm are forced to seek shelter in an abandoned house. Thrown together by nothing more than chance, this disparate bunch of misfits seek refuge from the awesome power of nature becomes a sort of grand and grisly hotel - especially once the invisible hand of flying death descends.

Year: 1956
Genre: Suspense

Deadly Welcome

Thumbtack    Deadly Welcome by John D. MacDonald

Alex Doyle is a tough man on a tough assignment in Ramona Beach, Florida - the kind of place that doesn't trust strangers and is policed by a sheriff who echoes the locals' sentiments with a billy club. But Alex isn't an outsider, exactly. He grew up in Ramona Beach - until they railroaded him out of town. 'Can't trust trash,' they said.

Year: 1959
Genre: Suspense

Gold Coast

Thumbtack    Gold Coast by Elmore Leonard

When he kicked off, Florida mob boss Frank DiCilia left his gorgeous widow, Karen, everything, but with strings attached. She loses the millions, the cars, the palatial Gold Coast mansion if she ever gets involved with another man. And there's a crazy cowboy-wannabe thug named Roland who's acting as Frank's eyes beyond the grave, making sure Karen doesn't dally, with serious muscle, if necessary.

Year: 1980
Genre: Crime Fiction

Split Images

Thumbtack    Split Images by Elmore Leonard

Quintessential Elmore Leonard, Split Images stars Palm Beach playboy Robbie Daniels. He's the kind of guy who gets away with everything - even murder - until a vacationing Motown cop, Bryan Hurd, starts asking questions. When this millionaire reptile reveals the psychopath beneath his slippery skin, Hurd finds out this is one helluva way for an out-of-town lawman to spend his vacation.

Year: 1981
Genre: Murder Mystery

Maximum Bob

Thumbtack    Maximum Bob by Elmore Leonard

A character so outrageous he could only have come from the ingenious imagination of Elmore Leonard, lewd, lecherous, law-bending Florida jurist Judge Robert "Maximum Bob" Gibbs has been judged guilty by a grudge-bearing malefactor and sentenced to death - by alligator, if necessary.

Year: 1991
Genre: Crime Fiction

Rum Punch

Thumbtack    Rum Punch by Elmore Leonard

When a blowsy blond blowhead and a none-too-bright ex con try to muscle in on the action, it's time to pull and old bait and switch--where the good guys are played off against the bad guys--and where Jackie and Max hope to walk off into the Florida sunset with a hot half million in cold cash.

Year: 1992
Genre: Crime Fiction

Riding the Rap

Thumbtack    Riding the Rap by Elmore Leonard

Riding the Rap--an explosive, twisty tale of a brazen Florida kidnap caper gone outrageously wrong. Chock full of wildly eccentric and deliciously criminal characters--including a psycho enforcer with a green thumb, a Bahamian bad man, and the beautiful, unabashedly greedy psychic Reverend Dawn.

Year: 1995
Genre: Crime FictionKidnapping

Out of Sight

Thumbtack    Out of Sight by Elmore Leonard

World-class gentleman felon Jack Foley is busting out of Florida's Glades Prison when he runs head on into a shotgun-wielding Karen Sisco. Suddenly he's sharing a cramped car trunk with the classy, disarmed federal marshal and the chemistry is working overtime--and as soon as she escapes, he's already missing her. But there are bad men and a major score waiting for Jack in Motown. And the next time his path crosses Karen's, chances are she's going to be there for business, not pleasure.

Year: 1996
Genre: Crime Fiction

The Forgotten

Thumbtack    The Forgotten by David Baldacci

Army Special Agent John Puller is the best there is. A combat veteran, Puller is the man the U.S. Army relies on to investigate the toughest crimes facing the nation. Now he has a new case--but this time, the crime is personal: His aunt has been found dead in Paradise, Florida.

Year: 2012
Genre: Murder Mystery

World Gone by

Thumbtack    World Gone by by Dennis Lehane

Dennis Lehane delivers a psychologically, morally complex novel of blood, crime, passion, and vengeance, set in Cuba and Ybor City, Florida, during World War II, in which Joe Coughlin must confront the cost of his criminal past and present.

Year: 2015
Genre: Organized Crime




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Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot1956Hurricane by John D. MacDonald Suspense, Florida
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot1959Deadly Welcome by John D. MacDonald Suspense, Florida
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot1980Gold Coast by Elmore Leonard Crime Fiction, Florida
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot1981Split Images by Elmore Leonard Murder Mystery, Florida
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot1991Maximum Bob by Elmore Leonard Crime Fiction, Florida
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot1992Rum Punch by Elmore Leonard Crime Fiction, Florida
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot1995Riding the Rap by Elmore Leonard Crime Fiction, Kidnapping, Raylan Givens, Florida
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot1996Out of Sight by Elmore Leonard Crime Fiction, Detroit, Florida
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot2012The Forgotten by David Baldacci Murder Mystery, John Puller, Florida
Blue DotBlue DotBlue Dot2015World Gone by by Dennis Lehane Organized Crime, Coughlin, Cuba, Florida





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