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    A Son of the Circus by John Irving

Born a Parsi in Bombay, sent to university and medical school in Vienna, Dr. Farrokh Daruwalla is a 59-year-old orthopedic surgeon and a Canadian citizen who lives in Toronto. Once, 20 years ago, Dr. Daruwalla was the examining physician of two murder victims in Goa. Now, 20 years later, he will be reacquainted with the murderer.

Year: 1994
Genre: Cold CaseMurder Mystery

    The Fourth Hand by John Irving

While reporting a story from India, New York journalist Patrick Wallingford inadvertently becomes his own headline when his left hand is eaten by a lion. In Boston, a renowned surgeon eagerly awaits the opportunity to perform the nation's first hand transplant. But what if the donor's widow demands visitation rights with the hand?

Year: 2001
Genre: Literature




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1994A Son of the Circus by John Irving Cold Case, Murder Mystery, India
2001The Fourth Hand by John Irving Literature, India





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