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    Half of Paradise by James Lee Burke

Discover the debut novel of James Lee Burke, before the creation of his now-famous Cajun detective, Dave Robicheaux, as he weaves together the struggles of three very different men. The interlocking stories of these three men are an elegy to the realities of life in 1950s Louisiana, their destinies fixed by the circumstances of their birth and time. Yet each carries the hope of redemption...

Year: 1965
Genre: Suspense

    Two for Texas by James Lee Burke

This early James Lee Burke classic is available again--featuring Son Holland, the great-grandfather of beloved hero Billy Bob Holland, as he flees a Louisiana prison camp with a Native American woman and a fellow prisoner in tow. James Lee Burke steps back three generations to reveal the lightning-paced tale of western lawman Billy Bob Holland's great-grandfather, a fugitive swept up in the proud fight for Texan independence.

Year: 1982
Genre: HistoricalWesterns

    The Lost Get-Back Boogie by James Lee Burke

Recently paroled from prison, Iry Paret becomes drawn into a tragic conflict involving an ex-convict and their neighbors in this page-turning thriller from bestselling author James Lee Burke.

Year: 1986
Genre: Suspense

    In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead by James Lee Burke

When Hollywood invades New Iberia Parish to film a Civil War epic, restless specters waiting in the shadows for Louisiana detective Dave Robicheaux are reawakened--ghosts of a history best left undisturbed. Hunting a serial killer preying on the lawless young, Robicheaux comes up close and personal with the elusive guardians of his darkest torments--who hold the key to his ultimate salvation...or a final, fatal downfall.

Year: 1993
Genre: Serial Killer

    Dixie City Jam by James Lee Burke

A FORGOTTEN NAZI SUB BRINGS OLD HATREDS TO THE SURFACE. They're out there, under the salt -- the bodies of German seamen who used to lie in wait at the mouth of the Mississippi for unescorted American tankers sailing from the oil refineries of Baton Rouge out into the Gulf of Mexico.

Year: 1994
Genre: Suspense





1965Half of Paradise by James Lee Burke
1982Two for Texas by James Lee Burke
1986The Lost Get-Back Boogie by James Lee Burke
1993In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead by James Lee Burke
1994Dixie City Jam by James Lee Burke
1995Burning Angel by James Lee Burke
1996Cadillac Jukebox by James Lee Burke
1998Sunset Limited by James Lee Burke
2002Jolie Blon's Bounce by James Lee Burke
2006Pegasus Descending by James Lee Burke
2007Jesus Out to Sea by James Lee Burke
2010The Glass Rainbow by James Lee Burke
2012Creole Belle by James Lee Burke
2018Robicheaux by James Lee Burke



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