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    The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything by John D. MacDonald

From John D. MacDonald, one of the enduring American novelists of the twentieth century, comes a science fiction classic with a timeless premise. An aimless young man discovers a way to stop the world in its tracks--and that's when his life truly begins

Year: 1962
Genre: Family SecretsFantasy

    Cat Chaser by Elmore Leonard

George Moran isn't looking for trouble but finds it anyway when he winds up in bed with the wife of a drug-dealing mob-connected Dominican cop - vicious, macho and ready to follow George to the ends of the earth, which in this case means Miami.

Year: 1982
Genre: Crime Fiction

    LaBrava by Elmore Leonard

Joe LaBrava first fell in love with femme fatale movie queen Jean Shaw in a darkened theater when he was twelve. Now he's finally meeting his dream woman in the flesh, albeit in a rundown Miami crisis center.

Year: 1983
Genre: Crime Fiction

    Stick by Elmore Leonard

After serving time for armed robbery, Ernest "Stick" Stickley is back on the outside and trying to stay legit. But it's tough staying straight in a crooked town - and Miami is a pirate's paradise, where investment fat cats and lowlife drug dealers hold hands and dance. And when a crazed player chooses Stick at random to die for another man's sins, the struggling ex-con is left with no choice but to dive right back into the game.

Year: 1983
Genre: Crime Fiction

    Glitz by Elmore Leonard

Elmore Leonard’s Glitz is a killer…in the best possible way. “The King Daddy of crime writers” (Seattle Times) electrifies with this unputdownable noir tale of a mama’s boy psycho killer with a vendetta against a Miami cop. A cat-and-mouse tale with claws, Glitz is thrilling, frightening, explosive, surprising, everything a great thriller is supposed to be.

Year: 1985
Genre: Noir Fiction

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1962The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything by John D. MacDonald Family Secrets, Fantasy, Miami
1982Cat Chaser by Elmore Leonard Crime Fiction, Miami
1983LaBrava by Elmore Leonard Crime Fiction, Miami
1983Stick by Elmore Leonard Crime Fiction, Miami
1985Glitz by Elmore Leonard Noir Fiction, Miami