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Doc Savage Reprint #70: The All White Elf plus The Wee Ones
by Kenneth Robeson

Two Haunting Pulp Chillers by Kenneth Robeson TheAll-White Elf What was this amazing, fantastic power that threatened the world? Read this great novel and be thrilled by Doc Savage's fight against The All White Elf The Wee Ones Reports of a strange miniaturized woman set Doc on the trail of TheWee Ones. Plus, "The Men Behind Doc Savage"



Doc Savage Reprint #78: Bequest of Evil and The Thing That Pursued
by Kenneth Robeson

BEQUEST OF EVIL Monk Mayfair's Bequest of Evil leads the Man of Bronze and his Iron Men to Canada where they are captured by the master criminal called Lucky Napoleon! THE THING THTAT PURSUED In a rare solo adventure, Doc Savage is summoned to investigate the bizarre enigma of The Thing That Pursued. Plus "Quest of Death" a Cap Fury adventure



The Avenger Reprint #8: House of Death, The Hate Master and A Coffin for the Avenger
by Kenneth Robeson

From the creators of Doc Savage. Three thrilling novels by Kenneth Robeson.... the Avenger and Justice, Inc. wage war against supercrime! House of Death The Avenger enters the House of Death to unravel the mysterious murders befalling the owners of strange gold medallions. The Hate Master The fate of the nation hangs in the balance as Dick Benson attempts to prevent the Hate Master from stealing the presidential election! A Coffin for the Avenger A single misstep could result in A Coffin for the Avenger in a tale by The Spider's Emile Tepperman. Plus: an adventure of America's premier detective, Nick Carter.



The Spider Reprint #1: The Citadel of Hell plus The Sons of Satan
by Grant stockbridge

"Woe be to criminals who fell into the Spider's web. He'd often execute them before they had a chance to draw their guns." -- STERANKO CITADEL OF HELL Hunted by police and roving arsonists, Richard Wentworth dons his terrifying Spider guise for the first time to save New York City from starvation! THE SPIDER AND THE SONS OF SATAN To end the reign of crime's newest overlord, the Spider subjects himself to the Feast of the Scorpions, from which no one has ever escaped! Plus, "The Web" by Will Murray.



The Shadow Reprint #13: Six Men of Evil / The Devil Monsters
by Maxwell Grant

"The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay. The Shadow Knows!" The Master of Darkness combats bizarre menaces in two of Walter Gibson's strangest thrillers. A torturous Aztec transformation gives "Six Men of Evil" an unexpected advantage in their criminal pursuits. Then, Lamont Cranston and Margo Lane encounter their most infamous foe -- Monstodamous, master of menace -- in "The Devil Monsters." This classic pulp collection also showcases George Rozen's breathtaking pulp cover, all the original interior art by illustrators Tom Lovell and Paul Orban, historical commentary by Will Murray and an article on the Golden Age Shadow Comics by Anthony Tollin.



Doc Savage Reprint #47: The Green Master / Weird Valley / Let's Kill Ames
by Kenneth Robeson

When a man claiming to have found the secret of eternal life is murdered, Doc Savage journeys to Mexico searching for an answer in Weird Valley. The Man of Bronze provides a beautiful con artist with an antidote for murder in Let's Kill Ames. A lost icty of Incas fights over the eerie power of The Green Master. With new historical essay by Will Murray.



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