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The Shadow Reprint #49: The Shadow Laughs! and Voice of Death
by Maxwell Grant

Two tales of radio's legendary crimebuster. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! For the first time, Lamont Cranston meets Lamont Cranston -- The Shadow! The Shadow teams with Secret Service agent Vic Marquette to investigate a far-reaching counterfeiting ring in The Shadow Laughs! How can The Shadow prove that an innocent man is not a murderer when witnesses have identified the accused as the Voice of Death?



The Spider # 16: The City Destroyer
by Grant Stockbridge

One moment it stood there, stiff against the thrust of the gale--the tallest building in the world. The next instant it was plunging into Fifth Avenue! Thousands of persons, work-bound, were ground to pulp beneath the tons of crushing debris! And this was only the first of the gigantic man-made catastrophies which were soon to spread carnage and panic all over America. What cunning, vicious arch-criminal, genius of destruction, had ordered this seemingly meaninglesslooting, pillaging and slaughter?... Richard Wentworth, working once openly with the police forces, cannot uncover the Master who foresees every trap and avoids all suspicion. Will the Spider, that strong champion of oppressed humanity, be able to exact a grim, just penalty from the ruthless City Destroyer?... In a great new pulp style magazine reprint from Action Ink comes issue #16 originally published in January 1935.



The Shadow Reprint #51: Judge Lawless and The Living Joss
by Maxwell Grant

The Knight of Darkness proves that "Crime does not pay" in classic thrillers that foreshadowed Batman tales from the golden age of comics! The Shadow goes undercover in Chinatown to battle one of his deadliest foes, the legendary Oriental demigod known as Kwa, The Living Joss. What can prevent Judge Lawless from making mockery of the law? Only The Shadow knows! PLUS: Djaruti, Goddess of Death, a lost Orson Welles epic from radio's golden age.



Doc Savage Reprint #37: The Mystery on the Snow and Peril in the North
by Kenneth Robeson

An attempt to kidnap Monk and Ham brings Doc Savage to Canada in search of a rare treasure in The Mystery On The Snow. Then, the Man of Bronze and Pat Savage journey to the Arctic Circle to rescue war refugees stranded on the icepack in Peril In The North. Plus, "Snow Tricks", a Royal Northwest Mounted Police Chiller by Lester Dent and more!



Doc Savage Reprint #72: Purple Dragon and Colors for Murder
by Kenneth Robeson

Two startling stories of strange menace by Kenneth Robeson The Purple Dragon Graduates of Doc Savage's Crime Collage revert to their earlier evil ways, leading the Man of Bronze into a deadly confrontation with an uncanny trickster and the Purple Dragon. Colors of Menace A failed murder attempt and a gorgeous damsel set Doc, Monk and Ham on the trail of an evil mastermind. Plus, "A Journey into Oblivion", a radio thriller by Edwin Gruskin.



Doc Savage Reprint #14: Man of Bronze Land of Terror (Pulp Cover)
by Kenneth Robeson

The incredible origin of the first superhero... Doc Savage The Man of Bronze's origin story is revealed in the classic Lester Dent novels that launched the superhero genre, in an extra-length volume commemorating the 75th anniversary of Doc Savage's pulp debut. First, the mysterious death of Doc's father leads the Man of Bronze to the Central American republic of Hidalgo where they discover a lost Mayan empire in the mythical Valley of the Vanished. Can Doc defeat the Feathered Serpent and the Red Death and free King Chaac and the beautiful Princess Monja? Then, Doc Savage trails the murderous master villain Kar (who controls the deadly Smoke of Eternity) to prehistoric Thunder Island where Doc and his men fight for their very survival against terrifying dinosaurs. This collector's item pulp reprint features a never-before-published foreword and autobiographical essay by Lester Dent, Walter Baumhofer's classic pulp covers, interior illustrations by Paul Orban and commentary by popular culture historian Will Murray. Also available with the James Bama Man of Bronze paperback cover art version.



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