Echoes #18

by Tom Johnson

Very good.

Contents include:

The Echo Chamber

Book Reviews

Pulp Information

Dr. Rodil Mocquino by Rick Lai

MacKinlay Kantor: The Pulp Years by Allan Isobel

America's Ace: The Survivalist by Gary Lovisi

Pulpwoody Paperbacks: The Destroyer Series by Link Huller

Polling the Sports Pulps by John F. Roy

Normason Saunders: Artist Par Excellence by Dickson Thorpe

Allan Vaughn Elston by Gene Tipton

Somewhere A Roscoe by John Dinan

Amazing Dr. Zeng by Nick Carr

The Avenger's Progenitor by Bob Jones

Best and Worst Avenger Paperback Covers by Howard Hopkins

Pulpster Viewpoint by Robert Sampson and Nick Carr

The Tomorrow War by Will Murray

Where have the Pulps Gone by Marvin Lachman

Spider Notes by Nick Carr

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Format: Fanzine
50 Pages
First Published: 1985

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