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Unearthly Neighbors

by Chad Oliver

Very good condition of the first printing of the Ballantine Original paperback. Appears to have never been read.

The anthropologist's dream...

Monte Stewart was an extremely intelligent, somewhat contentious anthropologist, with a sense of humor and a non-conformist approach to life. As an expert in his field, he was chosen to approach the first apparently human-like form of life ever to be encountered on another planet.

Here was the chance he had been waiting for all his life -- an opportunity to make contact, to investigate, to ascertain the facts about an altogether new man-like species - - with the added knowledge that the peace of worlds depended upon the establishment of friendly relations.

But Stewart and his party of experts couldn't get to first base. They tried for weeks - - and then vicious unreasoned tragedy struck their camp.

What had gone wrong?

Who were these 'people'?

Why had they attacked humans?

Stewart had failed in his mission, but for his own peace of mind he had to discover the answers -- and this he could now only do alone.

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Format: Used Paperback
144 Pages
First Published: 1960

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