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Attic > The Mystery of the Smoking Gun

by Carroll John Daly

The New York Times in January 1936 said:

This is not really a mystery story. It is a tale of war to the death between an honest and fearless detective and the ruthless head of a great criminal organization... Regardless of how much or how little truth there be in the picture, it is one that stirs the blood and holds the attention as few crime stories do."

"THEY'RE your people and my people, Satan, and they don't understand. They condemn us and they ridicule us, but they count on us and trust us,"" said the Commissioner to Detective Satan Hall, the straightest shooter in New York City. Satan was bent on breaking up the greatest gangster combine that ever assailed that city.

Satan's nerve will hold you spellbound as you follow him through hair-raising adventures. Wrecked and blazing cars, death rides, machine-gun fights and quick, silent murders are all in his day's work.

His battle of wits and guns with Johnny Zitto, New York's greatest menace to law and order, seems to be a losing one through the gangster's wholesale corruption. Satan and his worthy Commissioner appear to be finished. The story of how Satan turns the tables in one of the greatest and most thrilling coups of gangster fiction, and how romance finds its way through the bullets, adds a surprising element to a thoroughly exciting yarn.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
106 Pages
First Published: 1935

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