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Sally's in the Alley

by Norbert Davis

Doan and Carstairs take a bite out of the Axis powers in this comic WWII mystery.

Doan, a chubby, wisecracking private eye, and Carstairs, a Great Dane so huge he ought to be considered a new species, follow a trail of mayhem and confusion from Hollywood to the Mojave Desert town of Heliotrope, a place so thoroughly offensive that neither California nor Nevada will admit it lies within its borders.

It's 1943 and Doan is persuaded by government agents to sweet-talk the location of a valuable ore deposit out of an old desert rat with a mad-on for the government. But first they have to deal with a number of other equally odd characters, including film star Susan Sally, the very lovely and whacky Harriet Hathaway, who about to become a WAAC, Doc Gravelmeyer, the sinister local medico who also doubles as an undertaker, and Mr. Blue, a man of mystery who claimes he doesn't even know there's a war going on.

There's plenty of action, including a wild chase through Hollywood studio backlots, and even more laughs, before Carstairs finally gets mad.

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Format: Paperback
122 Pages
First Published: 1943

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