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The Finger

by Lester Dent

With his little cards of doom, he put the double-x on the whole gang. When he came to collect his dead men's fruit--he got a card himself.

"Crack is here! Crime rule in Seattle must be broken. Our police will not act, our judges are too corrupt to impose adequate sentences if they did act. Seattle citizens are spineless. They have ignored the call issued by the Comet to form an old-fashioned vigilance committee. As a last resort, it is up to the Comet to do something alone. We have done it.

"Crack is here! The way to fight bad men is with bad men. The Comet is sure of this. So we brought Crack to Seattle. Crack is a bad man. He is a killer.

"Crack is going to rid this city of gangsters. He can do it. He will do It. His identity will remain a secret. Even now he is established in the underworld.

"Tonight Crack will kill a gangster. Others will follow. Through Crack, the Comet has put the finger on every gangster in Seattle.

"Tomorrow the Comet will publish a picture of the first gangster to die."

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Format: Electronic PDF File
7 Pages
First Published: 1934

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