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One Billion -- Gold!

by Lester Dent

A smashing full length novel of the world's largest city torn and devastated by a mastermind of gangdom recklessness--from dates gathered by a veteran police reporter.

A LOT of men have had trouble handed to them--and Curt Flagg was no exception. It was handed to him also, nicely tied up in a linen napkin and snapped around with a rubber band.

Curt had a forkful of shoestring potatoes halfway inside his mouth when the napkin-packet thumped on the table at his elbow.

He twisted hastily and peered around the edge of the booth, the potatoes hanging out of his mouth like dry grass.

The thing could have reached his table in only one way--it had been dropped there by the young woman down the row of booths that lined the wall of the Forty Second Street speakeasy. She had passed a split second before the packet fell.

The view of her back did not reveal much. She had the height, the slenderness, and the graceful walk of a chorus cutie. The evening gown she wore was very long and fashioned of some gauzy green fabric. Her slim body was swathed above the hips in a jacket of black seal. A snug-fitting green turban completed the picture.

She might be a peach--or gloriously ugly. Men in several table parties kept their eyes on her after she passed.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
43 Pages
First Published: 1931

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