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The Gun Quest

by Lester Dent

He was called Long Shorty Sims, this hombre who poked his nose and sixes into everybody's business. And when he started a thing, he saw it through to a lead-lashing finish. But that strange little gold-plated six-gun with its trail of treachery and murder--called for a game whose aces where not soft-nose slugs!

THE gent rode hunched over his kak horn, always with his right hand tangled far forward in the mane of his black cayuse. The night was warmly black around him. Hot wind pushed into his face.

Overhead, thunder thumped and gobbled and occasional lightning glared into the sage-walled Wyoming range trail.

Scenting something the wind carried, the black cayuse threw its head. The rider, detecting the move with the hand tangled in its mane, pulled up and listened. Silently, he spilled out of the saddle. Quieting fingers on the bronc's muzzle, he led it aside up a sand-floored gully.

Lightning glare splattered whitely upon the man as he crouched waiting -a great nemesis of a figure, nearly seven feet tall, bowed legs making him appear wider at the knees than at the shoulders, bones thinly sheathed with flesh that looked as hard as petrified wood. His clothes were faded and nondescript, the attire of a sifter, a range tramp, a rider of the chuckline.

His two wood-gripped, triggerless .44s filled holsters were not tied down and had the bottoms cut off so that the barrels projected through. The guns were minus front sights. The hog hide of his Cheyenne tree saddle was gummy with dust sticking to recently applied oil.

He listened, one hand a claw on the muzzle of the black bronc, as a rider who had been behind trotted abreast and passed. Then he relaxed, thumbs hooking restfully in the beltless waistband of his pants. His thin rip of a mouth made a grin.

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18 Pages
First Published: 1932

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